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Multiview angle fix when not using default fov?

Sep 11, 2011
Hello all, something that has bugged me for along time.
Multiview angle fix on side monitors when not using default fov?
Seems to me when selecting Multiview in the config, if i use any fov greater than 35 my side monitor images warp outwards. I like to drive with a little bit greater fov, around the 44 mark, but selecting this makes my cockpit look wrong and it distracts from the racing.
Fov calculators put me around the 31 mark.
I‘ve read all the "there's only one correct fov.".. but i still prefer a larger fov of around 44.
So ive looked at cockpit cam files but havent been able to locate anything in regards to multiview angles on side monitors. Ive been able to manipulate driver eyes location, seat back forwards etc but this isn't what I'm after.
If i could only graphically bend side images in towards me, my issues would be solved.
Has anyone had any luck in this?


Jan 22, 2014
If you want to play with Multiview while using a FOV that is way off from your correct and realistic 1:1 with real-life-size FOV, then it will be off. However you can adjust this yourself, not from in-game though.

There are 3 ways to adjust how bent inwards or outwards the picture on the outer monitors appear to you. They are as follows:
1. Adjust in-game FOV
2. Adjust angle of monitors
3. Adjust distance between your eyes and monitor

You can use any of those to adjust until the image appears perfectly straight.