Multiple Arduino Simhub questons

Ken Hayabusa

Original poster
Aug 14, 2018
Hi to all, i am new to this forum. I just started using sim hub software. i think is a very fine work. Would it possible to use a single arduino module To drive both RBG led and 8x8 matrix LEDs (maybe by providing a separate +5 v supply?) or am i forced to use a single card for every display/module?

My second and more important question is i just bougt a BMW e36 cluster but the tachometer is has the vaule 220 km/h as end of meter while revs are limited to 7000. Can i just print different back drops and set the maximum values in sim-hub?

if printing new backdrops is OK what is the suggested max values that you suggest to cover most of the needs?

Many thanks in advance to all