Hi all,

sorry for the lame question (couldn't find too much elsewhere) but is it actually possible to play with someone via LAN or Internet (in 2019)? We have both bought game via Steam and we are on the same LAN network but no success at all. From what I understand you cannot have modded game, but we have restored all, launched via Steam and it doesn't work either.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :)


in general nobody answers when nobody knows...
I suggest you to ask your question either at altbierbude or because they have their own gtl servers so they are are more legitimate to give you a correct answer :)


by the way you can have modded gtl : the key is that all players MUST have exactly the same files (modded or not) otherwise game will detect mismatch and won't allow to join the party :)
In readme I say that you must restore stock game files because online leagues are based on default game files then they add their own mods with a file updater.
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