Multiplayer race ending

So I got one thing thats bothering me in multiplayer. After the first racer drivers through the finish line, the leaderboard pops up for me, even when i still have around half a lap to finish. Pretty irritating especially when you're in battle for a position.
My question is that, do you think it will be fixed? Is it because it's just alpha?

Rupe Wilson

its on a slider at present in the UI from 0 to 200 seconds.
don't know whether you can go beyond 200 seconds or turn it off.
in the config file we just adjust the number to 200

Rupe Wilson

If you want a race of 20 laps set it to 25 laps and just race until 20 then you all get to cross the line. and have a warm down lap. and time in the server before it closes.;)

the same as there are no official pit stops but you can pit and fill up with fuel and grab some new tyres you just loose a lap. but if all agree before you start you can have a kind of pit stop.

all depends on who you are racing with and if its your own server with friends and you all on t/.speak..
the fact its open and you can do what you want.. your not restricted to one tank of fuel.

at this stage its all about having fun, and enjoying the sim...

Dinca Andrei

yeah tried that just before going to pits i hit esc and then i clicked go back to pits and then hit start again..thats the closest you can get right now at this stage