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Who will win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 945 49.8%
  • Lewis Hamilton

    Votes: 815 42.9%
  • Other Driver

    Votes: 139 7.3%

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GTR2 Multiplayer question


The other day, i ran the Dediacated Server for GTR 2 to Host (Internet) and i got an error message about CD missing, but after closing the dialog, the program continued to start the server. In game i then entered the IP for my server, and game showed up in serverlist. Also joining seemed to work. Before i go any further to try things, can anyone confirm that i will be able also to set this up so that i can race with my son which is on a external IP? Is there any spesific port setup i need to do to get this working? Or if there is detailed way to set this up, i would really apprciate any help to make it work. It's the Steam version of GTR 2, and its just overwritten manually with all files from the anniversary patch to update

I just found the file GTR2_Server_Hosting.txt, and will be looking through it to learn. But if anyone wants to do some casual, clean as possible, enjoyable small group racing, it could be fun. I also have most other sim titles up through all the years to try if suits
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