EU Multiclass Endurance @ Monza - Sunday July 12th 2015

It was the sector coming out of the lesmos heading down the straight and then right after the 'sss' It was just cloudy and dark. Once out of Parabolica it was nice. Just think it was to close to sunset. But I'll play with the video settings as well. Thanks
Didn't mean to make it sound like you are the problem btw :p
Can absolutely run the events at different times of day, I just like the look of sunrise and sunset, makes some tracks look so stunning!
Also, the current setup is set to "mimic" a day, so practice early in the day, qually in the middle of the day and the race in the evening.


RE signups..
Lets all try and commit early to the coming weeks events (so people can see at least a couple are planning to race) and lets do some thread spamming to get folks here :p
Really, i think if we just stick with it things will improve, once people are drawn in, the get hooked (dont they @Durand1981 ) - sorry, i assume thats you Carl?:D
LOL yes that be me :-D
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