SGP Multiclass Cup Audi TT/Mazda MX5 @Imola, Wednesday 14th April 2021


Thou shall not pass!!!
Another great fun race for me. Plenty of action at the back of the TT grid, and had some great battles with a few drivers. Managed to improve throughout the race to finish 7th.
I’ve been trying the Streaming sweet app on replays lately, and it does give mixed results. If anyone is familiar with it and knows any tweaks or improvements that can be made easily I would be eager to learn!

That's a great compilation, Adrian! A real joy to watch. Thank you!
Nooo don’t say that, if I had an win every race app, I would keep it secret.
Still a great video, thankyou for not showing that Rotter Han’s overtake on me. :roflmao: :roflmao:


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Ha, I can’t really take any credit for it, it does it all automatically - it’s a great set of apps that someone made here @Esotic
Please note the Assetto Corsa Streaming Automation App Set is available over here:

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wow really? i did not know that your vehicle position (and other factors) in the pits would cause variations in your setup. So to truly create a setup that would be "ideal" for a particular track and car combo, how would one do this? I went back to my offline practice mode and loaded the setup that i made during the event, and sure enough, it no longer 'works'. My 'practice mode' setups all work fine just like they did. I will play around with the blankets and temps in the server and see. However, knowing this it makes preparing for events even harder :cry:

THanks for the response!
Pit stall you've been assigned to doesn't affect car setup per se. It affects dynamic values of camber/caster/toe you can see on the right in "Car Status" window, but that's it