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EU Multiclass @ Brands Hatch - Sun 27 Oct 2019


Thou shall not pass!!!
I forgot there is the F1 Mexico at this time. We have some family over to watch it. So I have to pull out. Have a great race all.


Remember to check what time is that for you, but for most of EU it's the same as last week:thumbsup:


Late sign-ups, feel free to jump on the server with any car that available, plenty of room in the race :thumbsup:


Maybe you already know, but looks like BoP is missing from the race server :)

Server fixed and restarted, thanks Chris !
Fine race - but I was simply too knackered :-( Was all over the place! and almost pis... my self every time a LMP overtook me :roflmao::sleep::laugh:


Really fun race first time with LMP in a multiclass event. Need to learn how to use hybrid system properly as @JoelK was able to pass me with ease few times on the start line. Base setup uploaded in the thread worked nicely so thanks for that (base setup 2 suited best for me).

I tried to be conservative with my overtakes but few times found my car by the side of GTE in a corner as I misjudged my pace, sorry about those. Hopefully I didn't cause anyone else but my self in the sand with those.

Chris Down

As usual, my VR onboard:

Since it was a small event I tried running with no HUD to make it interesting. It actually turned out to be even more interesting than expected:
  • The most major difference was without Sidekick visible, I didn't feel the pressure to chase laptime as much. This means I was able to do a lot more tyre management which helped me a lot on the softs. In this race, for example, I was able to make the softs last 30+ minutes without really feeling any erratic behaviour, but in Red Bull Ring last week it was a mess after like 25 minutes. Really fascinating how much difference psychologically not having that there can be, even though there's a delta in the car display it didn't have the same effect.
  • Obviously you have to pay a lot more attention to who's coming up. In general in VR I found it was pretty obvious when LMPs were coming up thanks to the rear camera and large mirrors on the 911. If anything I found myself being a lot more aware of where cars are than with Helicorsa. Maybe I'll stop using it, it's mostly a carryover from when I didn't have a VR headset I guess.
  • Not having position, timing, pit, or tyre information about other GTE runners made me really edgy towards the end of the race where I wasn't sure how much I should be pushing. I've never tried it, but I guess I could just use Crew Chief for that.
It was certainly a really intriguing experience. Maybe I'll do that more often.
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You were miles ahead Chris. Thats why I gave you a hard time (fairly) when you were lapping me with a couple of mins to go!:cry: