Much Requested: A Dark Theme

Many of our premium members have requested a dark theme for the site in the past couple of years and unfortunately time never allowed us to create one. Until today...

If you are a fan of darker styled themes or just need a less contrasted page because you are browsing RD illegally at night in bed we have now released a first beta dark style for you to enjoy (or hate).

Go to RD Dark by clicking here
Go to RD Light by clicking here

You can of course always use the style chooser on the bottom left side of the page as well.
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I know, for I told me so
Probably related to this - you seem to have lost the banner background colour on your front page image headlines. Headlines can be difficult to read now against a contrast image.


Wow what a different thx this dark theme is awesome,
be nice with more grey in it but much improved!


I'm glad the light theme remains. I gave the dark theme a go, and as expected I immediately switched back.

Honestly I find dark themes eyeball tearing, totally not comfortable to read, and like going back to the web circa 1995.
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