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MP Motorsport F2 Car Livery (F2 2019)

Skins MP Motorsport F2 Car Livery (F2 2019) 1.0

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RickJanB submitted a new resource:

MP Motorsport F2 Car Livery (F2 2019) - Use EgoERP or Copy/Paste

Hello F1 fans,

This is a livery of my MP Motorsport F2 Team (the F2 2019 livery)
It replaces the livery from M. Raghunathan.
There are decals for Red Bull Junior Team.

Let me know if you like it, ask for questions ONLY on Discord, enjoy!
Also join my discord server: http://discord.gg/8XCPt2NB7P

Please donate so I can make much more content!

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