MP AI braking

I am having an issue that annoys me. On VLM LeMans 77 with the GTL GTC-76 cars.
Some of the AI cars almost every time crash into the wall at the Mulsanne corner. It’s the Opel Commodore, Corvette, Camaro and BMW CSL that hits the wall. I have tried to edit the PLR file (AI Brake Power Usage & AI Brake Grip) but Race07 re-edits the settings when the race starts. By the way it is in a Multi-Player race.
How can I bring the cars to brake earlier so that they don’t hit the wall?
No clue here with how to deal with the AI.
Nice to see the VLM LeMans being used and stay tuned as it's on our schedule and will be run soon.
Seriously, the week of Mon 09/Jun 14. We are Race 07 so wehave to have WTCC but it's LeMans so we have to have GT Pro Class, maybe a multiple class race? Mini Friday might be too much for the little tin cups :giggle: