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MGP19 Moving from 4 wheels to 2

Evening all.

Last week I decided to move over to moto gp games, having spent all my life on granturismo and forza (normally top 5% global). I have to say, very challenging. Been playing for about a week now and at 60% difficulty, no racing lines, manual gears, need TCS for the GP bikes and getting the hang of it overall

I could do with some advice on a few things

1. Is anti wheelie just another form of TCS?
2. Do different bike have different strengths and weaknesses?? I havent noticed any yet
3. How exactly should I be using my brakes? I have joint braking on, trail braking into corners (habit from other games) and fall to pieces with it turned off
4. I've watched a few youtubers, mainly ROBO46, and noticed that no one uses engine braking, is this personal choice or is it actually faster to race without it?

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance :D
Goodmorning, i prefer anti wheeling on because if you turn it off the bike will wheelie a lot exiting the corners.

For moto3 and moto2 you can turn it of if you prefer.

Engine braking is more personal for the players i like to play it on, cause it helps me stopping the bike a little faster.

I've turned joint braking off because i prefer braking with the front and to make some tweaking with the rear brake in the corners.

Turning it off will make you a little faster but it's harder to stop the bike before the corner in my opinion.