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Move the Hud in VR?

Hi all, just wondering if it's possible to move the hud up and down, I know you can move it in and out but is it possible to move it up or down, the timing in the top left in my view is obscured by the roll bar so if I could move the hud down it would be spot on.
Also I'm using a CSL Elite wheel but I can't seem to be able to bind the center vr view to my wheel, I have to keep using CTRL + Space, when I try to bind it in the control menu to my button 25 it doesn't work in-game?
Also is there any way to start ACC in vr via sim commander 4 when I try it just starts the game on my monitor and not in my Rift.
Unfortunately you cant move it up and down (yet), but a work around to view the HUD is you have to set the VR pixel density (or was it the resolution scale?) in the games video settings options to anything other than 100 (so 99 or 101 etc).
The issue there is the VR isn't quite as clear.

When you bind your recentre VR button, enter the game and press start (it wont recentre whilst the bar is at the top), press recentre and keep it pressed for about 3 to 5 seconds.

In SC, go to Control Panel, Settings (tab on top, far right), Games, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and make sure that your Parameters section under Advanced reads:
-applaunch 805550 -silent -vr
@ThugUK thanks m8, that was exactly what I was looking for on all points, but I think I'll settle with the hud being slightly obscured to keep the vr that little bit clearer, very tempted to go for lenovo explorer or some other hmd just to get that little bit better resolution. :)

EDIT: I changed the resolution scale (in game) to 101 and it was very blurry so I have changed it back but now its still very blurry, I had seemed to have hit a sweet spot before and now I can't get it back :(
I'm not sure what has happened, I've tried changing the engine.ini file as I had before but its still blurry.
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When you change the resolution to anything other than 100% it automatically changes the pixel density back to 100 too. You have to change that back to what ever it was before (mine is 130-150)
Thanks m8, I'll go have a look :)
@ThugUK with your help and some engine.ini file changes I'm now really enjoying this game, I just love the close racing in the quick race atm. :D:inlove:
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