Move/Raise entire Venue or drop horizontal grid?

Hi chaps - once again, searched, but cant find answers.

My entire venue has been completed - almost. But the terrain goes under the horizontal grid in sections as they are slopes, giving bad rendering in game.

Is there a way of selecting EVERYTHING (objects, track, SObjects, walls etc.) and raising it all up above the grid? Or possibly a way to drop the grid so it goes below the venue.

First try selecting all your nodes. While holding down the shift key put your cursor over the one of the selected nodes in the bottom left hand view screen then holding on to the left mouse button move every thing up untill your above the grid...don't forget to select every thing in your track or you will leave things behind (very very bad) if that doesn't work try this.
When you go to export your model go to the tab in the middle if the editor where it say's adjust height and try one of the 3 options in the drop down box.... failing that I don't know? hope this helps.
Thanks James - I'll look at the exporting options - never noticed those.
I can raise the entire track, but I need to raise everything, terrain, objects, walls etc. so its a bit of a pain.

Did I start the project wrong by not drawing the lowest point near the grid and then going up ? I did not do that, so part of the circuit lies beneath the horizontal grid. Let me try that suggestion and see.

If you need to select every thing try encircling the the whole top left hand pane while holding shift
then still holdin the shift key click in an item in the bottom pane then move the cursor over a node and it all should move up ..........but back up your track before you do it just incase some of the building don't safe not sorry.
Forgot to take the screenie - got late. Kyle I'm reffering to BRTB grid you draw on, not the track grid.
So what I mean, is part of the terrain is drawn below the horizontal BTB grid and renders like a white sea in those areas, I need to lift the entire venue, objects and all, but cant seem to find out how, as terrain, objects and track all move seperately, they cannot be moved all together - upwards on the Y axis, thats what I want to do. Or move the drawing grid in BTB down the Y.
By default, this grid is made up of X and Y axes in yellow, and white gridlines in BTB? This is when the Z axis is vertical.
So, from this, everything underneath the BTB grid counts as the Void/Nirvana in rFactor?
By default, this grid is made up of X and Y axes in yellow, and white gridlines in BTB? This is when the Z axis is vertical.
So, from this, everything underneath the BTB grid counts as the Void/Nirvana in rFactor?
Flip - so you saying that when a drawing is begun, all items must be above that grid position. Flip. There just has to be a way to move all the stuff - I've done a massive amount of work to get it this far.

I found this old screenshot I did. You can see on the left how the terrain is going downhill, this is the area that is going through the grid.
terrain first.jpg
So if you go wide and onto that terrain area, your car falls into nothingness even though more terrain is there, but underneath the grid? Or is it a rendering issue?

All I can think of is:

1) First, select all of your track nodes and move them up. Track anchors for terrain will also move up.
2) Then, move up all other anchors.
3) Select all objects, and move them up. (Hold Shift and Y keys, and click-and-drag.)
4) Any SObjects will need to be moved up, one node at a time. You cannot select the whole SObject and move it.
5) Same for walls.
6) When exporting, the AIW file will also need to be overwritten, as each waypoint has two horiztonal co-ordinates (X and Y) and vertical (Z), as far as I know.

I think this will take a lot of work, but I don't know of any other way around this problem.

R Soul

Walls and objects have a 'rest on ground' property that is enabled by default, so if you haven't turned that property off in too many cases, you should be able to drag the track nodes up, then drag the terrain anchors up, and the other things should follow automatically. After moving the track, click on the green flag (AIW) button and the lines and timing gates should reposition themselves to stay level with the track.

When moving things you can restrict their movement to vertical only. There's a list of BTB controls here

If you want an absolutely perfect method you'll have to use 3dSimed, but you'll have to repeat the process after each time you export from BTB. Load the .scn file for your track, then go to Edit > Translate and set the Z value.
Thanks RSoul - I'm blocked from that link at work. So right off the cuff - why does BTB not warn you to not draw under the horizontal grid in the first place. If you place a map down and you know an area of it is at a slant surely you are going to draw 'downhill' from there. That's what I did.

Anyway, my walls still have their 'rest on ground' properties on, so that should not be a hassle, its the terrain I'm worried about.
Wish BTB had a function similar to Sketchup where you can enter a value for the amount you want something to move.

Going to try move things tonight........wish me luck, I'm gonna be peaved if I have to redo many things I've spent so many hours on trying to perfect.
Well I managed to lift the entire venue up 100m, and it seems to be working okay.

Moved all the track nodes upward by 2 vertical grid blocks and then all the terrain by the same, it would be nice if these options were precise and not simply a mouse drag. The only hassles I experienced was some of my walls were not resting on ground properly, so some terrain adjustment had to be done.

The bottom line is, I have a venue that is taking shape fast. Thanks chaps, and let this be a warning to all in future - keep all objects, track, walls, Sobjects etc. above the BTB grid or they will not render in the simulator. I wish this was pointed out to me in the beginning, it could have been a potential fcuk up ! :)
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