Tracks MotorSport Ranch Cresson -- Multiplayer error, single OK!


Aug 8, 2018
Hey there, I've been researching a bunch of map build, and conversion guides but i have no idea what is going on with this one track. In the files it appears that all 3 configurations are set up appropriately, but the game only recognizes the 3.1 layout. I don't know who created the file, so I can't find a way to contact them. What is the way of doing this without breaking any rules? I would really like to get this track working in its multiple configurations and in multiplayer. Multiplayer just results in "race cancelled" and reading through logs, I can't find what is causing the crash. Does anyone have any recommendations? It would help greatly to get this into AC, as this is one of my local tracks and I would love to use Assetto to practice before track days.

I guess if it's needed, I wouldn't mind paying someone that has the experience to look into this, as I lack the understanding of how this all works.