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Motorsport Manager Logo Tutorial Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Motorsport Manager Logo Tutorial.png.jpg

Playsport Games have released a very useful little tutorial designed to help players new to modding create their own logos and modded content for Motorsport Manager.

With the title offering considerable opportunity for modding in the form of championship files, liveries, names and even actual content itself, it is a useful time for Playsport to help the community navigate their way through the world of logo creation. For all you budding mod artists out there I have copied the user guide below for future reference:

Creating Your Own Logos
To make editing logos easier, we now support a new technique that should simplify things and mean that logo mods are securely future-proofed.

Note: This guide assumes that you have Unity installed and have found the Mod Template. If you don’t know any modding basics yet, follow the ‘Getting Started’ guidelines here - http://www.motorsportmanager.com/content/making-most-steam-workshop, and then come back.
There are four types of logo that you can edit:
  • Championship logos
  • Media logos
  • Team logos
  • Sponsor logos
The workflow to do this is broadly the same for each logo.
  1. Create your logo. Try to stick to the sizes mentioned in the below, or your logos will be stretched when you get them in-game.
  2. Import your logo into Unity.
  3. Click on the file in the Project view. In the Inspector, you can see ‘Import Settings,’ for example
  4. . Change the import settings to the ones specified below.
  5. Hit apply.
  6. Create an AssetBundle named exactly as seen in the table below.
  7. Export the AssetBundle.
  8. Copy the AssetBundle into your modding folder in Unity (ignoring the manifest file).
  9. Load up the game (or refresh your mods by clicking the button in My Workshop)
  10. Start a New Career, ensuring that ‘Test My Mods’ is on.
Image Format
All logo files must to be saved as .png.
There are various free tools online that can help you to do this, such as GIMP and Paint.net.

Championship Logo Guidelines

MM Logos.png

Media Logos Guidelines

MM Logos 5.png

Team Logo Guidelines

MM Logos 3.png

Sponsor Logo Guidelines

MM Logos 4.png

How do I know which number to add to the logo name?
The number should refer to an ID within another spreadsheet. For example, Team_0 refers to Steinmann Motorsport, and Championship_0 refers to the World Motorsport Championship. The databases in question are included in the MM_WorkshopPackage template:

  • Championships.txt
  • Teams.txt
  • Media Outlets.txt
  • Sponsors.txt

Tips from the Artists
During the game, Championship and Team logos are often placed on a dark background. This means that if you use a black logo, it can get a little lost on the background. Consider adding a lighter backing to the logo in order to make it a little easier to see.

Transparent backgrounds also help the logos to pop out of the background, too.

Sponsor logos which appear on the car work best when created in shades of white and grey, as the car Livery system gives the player the ability to recolour sponsor logos.

Don't forget to share your designs in the Motorsport Manager downloads section here on RaceDepartment for others to enjoy too!

Motorsport Manager is available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux right now.

you want to keep abreast of the latest news, discuss the game with your fellow fans or simply download a mod or two for the title then we have you covered! Check out our Motorsport Manager sub forum and see what you can find!

Enjoying Motorsport Manager? Like the new tutorials? Do the released guides offer you information useful for designing your own logos or mods? Let us know in the comments section below!
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For anyone Interested, look for ICE Mod 2017 on Steam Workshop, big overhaul mod with the real life sponsors, just been released :)

Yeah, saw that in steam...crazy mod..wow..a lots models and much more...is this mod you talk abot over 250 sponsors? havnt play that..i need first finish my games f1...then i sure want try Ice mod 2017 lol.
I want to create different teams in Asian and European categories. I already have the teams, but I can not put the logos. Can anyone make for me an AssetBundle file saved with these logos for me? If I can, we can figure out a way for me to pass the logos. I can not save the AssetBundle on Unity
Can anyone help me with a question? I'm trying to create a Mod and in Logos part I'm having difficulties. I have the right Logos tutorial, I created the Team_2 logos and so on, as it should be, but my question is the following, how do I put all of them together into a single Logos1 file?
Hi Maybe I'm lost in translation.
I've created the file Team_0.png (Mercedes Logo)
Imported in Unity
Created an asset named teamlogos
Doesn't work. Where am I wrong?