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Motorsport Manager GT Series Released

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by Paul Jeffrey, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Motorsport Manager GT Series 11.jpg
    PlaySport Games release much anticipated new GT Series DLC for the popular Motorsport Manager racing simulation.

    Following a recent announcement by SEGA and Playsport games regarding the inclusion of GT racing in the highly addictive Motorsport Manager simulation for PC, the development team have now released an update that includes two unique closed top GT series to the game, including all the relevant new team personnel, drivers and teams. The new DLC, retailing for just £5.99 on Steam, adds for the first time GT racing to the open wheel management simulation. With two series, the GT Challenger Series and the prestigious International GT Championship being added to the sim, it looks like Playsport Games and SEGA are looking to expand the title to cover some of the many different disciplines of motorsport outside of the main Formula style championships.

    With the inclusion of the new GT Series DLC, Motorsport Manager now also has a new Energy Recovery feature, designed to mimic real world technology found in current Formula One.

    "As the car moves around the track, it harvests energy, which managers can decide to use in two ways: Hybrid mode, which saves fuel, or Power mode, which gives your car an huge surge of energy, allowing for dramatic overtakes and defences of a position" say Playsport Games.

    "The ERS can transform a manager’s approach to race strategy, adding a new layer of strategy. Rival teams will be boosting and enter hybrid mode as well, meaning that managers will need to keep on top of their opponents’ strategies in order to maximise their performance" they add.
    As for the game itself, the new DLC will be able to accurately reflect the different parameters of GT style racing, with updates to the core game code allowing a different simulation model to that found in the Formula cars included within the vanilla release. It is claimed the new update will offer "notable differences in braking and cornering speeds, tyre wear, pit stop times and the weight impact of fuel. The pack racing is much tighter, meaning that the first few laps are often white-knuckle thrillrides, with high speed overtaking action a regular occurrence". This all sounds very promising and should help to extend the appeal of a game that has proven to be somewhat of a success since the team migrated to PC from the hugely popular mobile version release.

    Another new feature added alongside the GT cars will be a new ballast system and three stage qualifying that eliminates cars after each round and locks the top ten car tyre choices, similar to the current Formula One qualifying regulations.

    "GT teams are financed differently, with different car part prices to deal with. Smaller sponsor payments mean that profit margins are lower then the single-seaters, meaning that the player will have to make even tougher decisions on how to improve their team.

    On the political front, if a manager owns the GT Pack, Three Stage Qualifying and the Energy Recovery System can be voted into the single seater category – or make use of Steam Workshop to start a new game with those rules active" added Playsport Games on the new update.
    The latest build update and GT Series DLC is available to download from Steam right now.

    Motorsport Manager is a PC management game for the world of open wheel and closed top GT racing. Available via Steam now, the new GT Series DLC can be purchased for an additional £5.99.

    Motorsport Manager GT Series 2.jpg Motorsport Manager GT Series 4.jpg Motorsport Manager GT Series 5.jpg

    Motorsport Manager is a motorsport management simulation for PC, Linux and Mac. If you want to keep abreast of the latest news, discuss the game with your fellow fans or simply download a mod or two for the game then we have you covered! Check out our Motorsport Manager sub forum and see what you can find!

    Have you tried the new GT Series DLC yet? What do you think of the new content? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. MarcG


    oh boy oh boy oh boy this update adds another dimension to this already great game, can see myself getting re-addicted to it over the weekend!
  3. Metalogic


    Hope someone does some nice liveries for this soon, I'll be picking this one up!