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Featured Motorsport Manager Endurance DLC Released

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Motorsport Manager Endurance DLC 1.jpg
    Motorsport Manager has today received a sizable new update alongside the latest DLC drop - introducing endurance style racing to the management simulation.

    Having very recently celebrated a year since making its public debut on the Steam PC platform, PlaySport Games and Sega have gone a long way towards producing what is an exceptionally well thought out and thorough racing management simulation. Having expanded on the initial open wheel formula style series that formed the basis of the original release, Motorsport Manager also covers the world of GT racing and now for the first time Endurance Prototype sports in the typical WEC / Le Mans style of racing.

    Coming as a reasonably priced DLC to the main game, PlaySport have also bundled the Endurance DLC release together with a major free update to the core title, adding plenty of fixes and enhancements to the game as well as including a new 'Pit Crew' feature, designed to further engage the player in the world of trackside management.

    You can check out the update changelog, DLC trailer and Endurance Series features below...

    Motorsport Manager Endurance DLC 4.jpg

    Free update patch notes:
    • Players can now manage the speed and safety of their pitstops through the new pit crew feature
    • Pit crew members have 5 core stats: Tyres, Part Fixing, Refuelling, Front Jack and Rear Jack. Their stat levels determine the speed at which they can perform each task
    • Crew members will become fatigued after each race and will need to be placed 'In Recovery' to regain their stamina. Tired crew members are more likely to make mistakes
    • As well as time mistakes, there are now new, job-specific pit mistakes: Wrong tyre compound fitted, underfuelled, front and rear jack damage and part fixing red-zone increase
    • Catastrophic mistakes are new, rare mistakes that can drastically alter the outcome of a race. There are 2 catastrophic mistakes: Loose wheel and pit fire (only if refuelling is active)
    • If a pit fire occurs, there is a chance that the car will be retired from the race. Pit fire retirements can have a psychological impact on the driver
    • The pit crew can be automanaged by your mechanics. A mechanic's Pitstop and Concentration stats impact how effectively they will auto-manage your pit crew
    • Car cornering stats impacting the simulation have been re-worked to reduce emphasis on the top speed of the engine. This makes low, medium and high cornering speeds more dependant on the Front Wing, Suspension and Rear Wing
    • Driver form now has a larger impact in a race weekend's performance. During a race, a driver's form will fluctuate depending on their consistancy stat
    • A driver's current form is now displayed on their portrait during the race
    • Added a new x12 speed during races
    • Added a preference screen for the new x12 speed that allows players to customise when the game automatically slows down to show important events
    • Reworked the Tyre Heating chassis stat: Now, a high star rating will cause the temperature gauge to move away from the center slowly, but return quickly
    • New Part Design components
    • The mechanic's 'Part Fixing' stat now impacts both raceday part fixes and fixing parts when returning from a race weekend
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for engine modes, driving styles and swapping the camera between drivers
    • Weight Stripping is now a rule that can be voted in or out per series
    • Spec Parts can no longer be weight stripped
    • Weight stripping is now banded per series to improve balancing
    • Improved saving and loading during a race event
    • If autosave is enabled, the game will now save at the end of a race before returning to the frontend
    • Pit stop strategy now does not add a fixed amount of time to the pit stops, but instead adds a percentage of the expected time
    • Fixed instances where the driver "Sammy White" would appear in the frontend
    • New interview questions
    • New media messages
    • Reworked and rebalanced existing interview and media messages that were not triggering
    • New radio messages
    • Fixed an issue where the personality traits 'Boring Winner', 'Losing Hope' and 'Top of the World' were not triggering
    • The personality trait 'Media Trained' now removes more negative media-related traits if the target driver possesses them
    • Fixed a bug where new mechanic hire mails would be blank if the player was unemployed
    • Fixed an issue where AI teams would not be charged for mechanic and designer race bonuses
    • Fixed a bug where qualifying bonuses would be deducted three times if the series had three-stage qualifying
    • Improved how AI cars use the ERS system
    • Improved how AI cars refuel during a race
    • Improved how AI cars interact during the first lap of the race
    • Fixed a bug where temp drivers would retain previous morale debuffs and traits from working with other teams
    • Fixed an exploit where the player could press the ERS boost button as it breaks in a pitstop, leading to an infinite boost until the end of the race
    • Increased the rate at which drivers and staff improve when influenced by HQ buildings
    • Improved the regen system to have more varied 'drivable series'
    • Improved the AI team intelligence on when to build a new car part
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing the activation of corner cutting
    • UI improvements to front-end menus
    • UI improvements to the scouting screen
    • When refuelling, the player can now also add fuel in increments of 5 or click to fill the whole tank
    • Can now view each team's chassis supplier information from the Choose Team screen
    • Fixed an issue where the player couldn't click the 'traits' button in the post-race screen if no new traits had been assigned
    • Added the current track and the current layout information to the load setup popup
    • New 'Choose Series' screen
    • Updated the challenge medal icon
    • Optimised the 'Lap Chart' screen performance when loading for the first time
    • General performance improvements
    • New Personality Traits
    • New Achievements
    • New tooltips
    • The weight stripping reliability to performance ratio is now editable in the Championships.csv ( if set to zero the AI will not use the feature )
    • Each series now has 'restricted rules' which are editable in the Championships.csv. A 'restricted' rule can never be voted in by the player or AI in that series
    • Championships now handle having between 6 to 12 teams

    Endurance Series DLC Key Features

    Epic tests of man and machine
    Go the distance, with a brand new two-class endurance championship to test your mettle. Keep track of your drivers’ alertness using the new stamina bar, and swap them out at the crucial moment.

    New race lengths and rules
    Drive over 90 minutes, 3 hours or even 6 hour epic races!

    Six drivers per team
    Manage a group and find the drivers with the strength, skill and stamina combinations to win you the race. Test your wits over average lap qualifying, picking two drivers per car and building the best average lap time.

    Beautiful endurance cars
    Take in the iconic curves and sleek lines as you guide your mechanical masterpieces to championship wins

    Motorsport Manager Endurance DLC 2.jpg

    Be a part of the rivalry
    Twenty-four cars compete in each race, jostling for lap times as they seek to win out over their greatest threats

    New ERS options, new rolling starts and more
    A new way of playing the game you love

    Motorsport Manager Endurance DLC 3.jpg

    Embark on a fresh Motorsport Manager challenge with the Endurance Series. Take iconic long-distance cars for the ride of your life as you navigate epic distances with the goal of winning championships. Try two new competitions – IEC A and B – and meet new teams along the way. Experience new race lengths – 90 minutes, 3 hours or even 6 hours!

    Manage six drivers per team as you strive to find the best combination of drivers to score you the best times. Manage a new layer of race strategy as you keep a careful eye on their stamina, and be prepared to make tough calls during the longest races yet. Design your machines with survival and speed in mind as you put them to the test in entirely new conditions.

    New rules, such as average qualifying time, present a new challenge as you seek to build a team which outdoes the sum of its parts. Find consistency and the sweet spot for your drivers, allowing them to hit a state of perfect flow and become ‘Fired Up’, improving their lap times.

    Tweak your car’s setup to focus on a particular driver, or seek to achieve a balance that takes in both styles. But above all: stop watching, start winning, take control.

    The Endurance Series DLC can be purchased from the Steam Store HERE for £5.99.

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    Happy to see endurance racing catered for in the new DLC drop for Motorsport Manager? How do you like the new content so far? Pleased with the game following its one year anniversary? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. MustartMatters


  3. Joseph Wright

    Joseph Wright
    Lead Commentator Staff Premium

    Brought. Downloaded. Will play tomorrow before @Abbie steals my rig for the night.
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  4. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes

    Looks very close to the Cadillac DPI
  5. leon_90


    Oh God no... I just managed to get free of my addiction for this game, and now this comes out..
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  6. Maurits Vernel

    Maurits Vernel

    Very good update. With the inclusion of 12 teams / championship we can now make realistic old F1 seasons!
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  7. dimagico


    so? worth buying more than previous dlc?
  8. Cvija


    game version?
  9. MarcG


    I see x12 Time Option added, what about Real Time? Has that been added in recent patches? (not played for a while)
  10. Knoxstar


    Is the endurance multi-class?
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  11. Nevini


    Ooh matron, pass the handy wipes ;-)
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  12. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Sounds like someone need a spare PC and wheel :p

    Doesn't look like it sadly.

    This would've been a good thing to include, but I can see the issue with regards to the GT DLC.

    EDIT: Look at answer below - I haven't bought the DLC, I just used screenshots as a guide.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
  13. speedyx56


    It is. 12 not!LMP1 and 12 not!LMP2 racing together. Not quite proper WEC or IMSA races yet but Playsport probably are already pushing what their game can do.
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  14. JayOTT


    The big change in the patch that few are talking about is this;

    "Car cornering stats impacting the simulation have been re-worked to reduce emphasis on the top speed of the engine. This makes low, medium and high cornering speeds more dependant on the Front Wing, Suspension and Rear Wing."

    In previous versions of the game there was a huge problem with the Engine being overpowered that was originally pointed out on Reddit and later confirmed in my own testing. Now I have to retest all of that when I can, preferably with an edited xxDD that reduces lap time variables.
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  15. TokyoDan


    Wondering if I should buy this. I already have the GT Series DLC.
  16. dimagico


    it´s very different from GT´s...which didn´t quite astonished me. Endurance is different kind of sport...and you must manage 6 drivers in your team.... and money soon runs out if you start career at the bottom. That i know... so far... :thumbsdown:
  17. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack! Premium

    I picked up the new DLC and I haven't dived into that portion of it but I am starting with a new GT team. It is a great addition overall having the new category and the new teams. I am still enjoying it!
  18. jon157uk


    Ever since I bought this game I've been very disappointed with it, I bought the Endurance DLC at the weekend hoping it would give me some new interest. I'm 7 races through my first season and it's quickly becoming just the same as the original game in respect that, you don't have anywhere near enough money to compete with the other teams and right from the word go your cars are finishing races 5 or 6 laps behind everyone else. There isn't enough money to sign drivers, staff, car parts or HQ upgrades so you have very little chance of getting anywhere. It's also no good getting excited about the new 'pit crew' manager side of the game either because you'll soon find out you haven't enough money left to sign any of them up for your team. It's kind of like there are 3 classes in it, the class 1 (which I'm supposed to be) and the class 2, the class one cars blast past my cars at a ridiculous pace that I haven't got a hope in hell of competing against, the class 2 cars just drive around blocking my cars in for a lap or two but when my drivers finally manage to get around them you can pretty much leave them for dead, which then sort of creates a middle class team (mine) which is stuck firmly in between the class 1 and the class 2 (maybe my cars are class 1 n half) ? The most annoying thing really is that all through practice and qualifying my cars can nicely get into the top 7 to 3 places and for around 4 or 5 laps of the race they hold their own against the others pretty well but anytime after that they may as well be in reverse because the rest of the class 1 cars start to disappear into the distance like jet fighters. Pit stops are as big a joke as they are in the normal game and it takes my cars three days longer to get in and out whilst the AI cars seem to be able to change drivers, tyres, fuel and repair cars before I can even make it back on to the same lap as they are on, I've trimmed it down to only needing 3 pit stops per race, the AI are doing 5 and are still finishing 5 or 6 laps ahead of me. The content is good and well worth £5.99 and the rolling start works very well but without the help of a mod team this DLC is going to get just as boring as the original game.....(just my opinion).
  19. dimagico


    I completely understand you. I was hooked up at start, because i expected hard core managment game. It went well...while Enzoli was still here and tryed to "improve" game, but since then..... there´s no mod which can satisfy for more than season or two. Maybee because ...it´s just a game, which will never satisfy hardcore managment fans. The same is with this Endurance DLC. I´m bored after few days allready. Yes you have a bit different experience than in single seaters, but it´s still the same. And for me.....who always wants to start from the bottom in career....is still mistery how to get trough season 1 with cash. 2millions expences for race with crap stuff and drivers and barely some cash and no sponsors? Eh.....Grand Prix World still had the most depth of all.... and Motorsport Manager despite what modders can do....is still just a game.
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  20. dimagico


    i guess..... cody´s should try to bite in this apple. They allready have F1 license.....:thumbsdown: