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Motorsport Manager Coming to PC, Mac and Linux!

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Motorsport Manager Formula Car 2.png

Playsport Games and SEGA Publishing Europe Limited have announced the upcoming release for Windows, Mac and Linux of popular iOS and Android sim Motorsport Manager, due to hit the shelves this coming September.

Initially developed for mobile devices, the PC version of the title will benefit from a substantial redevelopment and expansion bringing the product into the mainstream marketplace. As can be expected from a management simulation release, Motorsport Manager offers players the opportunity to take control of their very own open wheel racing team right from through the lower Formula’s to eventually make it on to the world stage and challenge for the World Championship. With factory improvements and staff hiring and development right the way through to creating race strategy, Motorsport Manager aims to become the most detailed racing management simulator available to PC gamers.

Motorsport Manager Release Trailer:

Although not benefiting from an official licence to represent any real world series, Motorsport Manager should provide an interesting and engaging experience for PC race fans. With high quality 3D graphics showcasing all the racing action alongside modern and intuitive menu screens, the lack of official cars, tracks and drivers should not diminish what promises to be an addictive and engaging gaming experience.

Christian West of Playsport Games said:

"As motorsport fans, we’ve been waiting to play a game like this for a long time. That was how the original Motorsport Manager for mobile devices came about.”

“We wanted to take that experience to the next level by building an all new version of Motorsport Manager for PC with massively enhanced gameplay and unparalleled depth. With the help of SEGA, we’re hugely confident of delivering a management experience that fans of motorsport will absolutely love.”

Motorsport Manager is due to release on PC, Mac and Linux September 2016.

Motorsport Manager Track 2.jpg Motorsport Manager Track 1.jpg Motorsport Manager Brakes.jpg Motorsport Manager Formula Car.png Motorsport Manager Menu.jpg

Do you have an interest in playing a motorsport management simulator? Would you consider purchasing this new game upon release? Have you played this title on your phone? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Let me start by following fact: I played 3 FM manager titles in 15 years...1998, 2005 and 2013. That's how dedicated I am to one title, no need to buy each year a new title because of the endless moddability of content. I easily spend 4 hours or more developping a team and all of the éxtra data to create the ultimate setting. Now imagine what it would be like with a racing sim manager.
I was looking to spend €40 or so on a new game but I can wait until september without any worries for sure now.

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@Metalogic Indeed it is! Great find.
You were able to import data including pictures (!) from the first F1 manager from I think 95, which had Heinz-Harald Frentzen on cover, via a ingame tool.
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I have played some F1 manager game a years ...decades ago. :D
It wasn't that good but I was into F1 those days like teen girls are into 1D now so... I play it, a lot.
My concern is that I don't see any trackside cameras in their "great 3D enviroment" only those... typical... helis cams (they can even be called satelite cams cuz they so frickin far) but I hope they just left them out out of this trailer.
Which I doubt.
It's hard to immerse myself into looking real race with this ones. Do they think that we watch real races with this cams ?
How epic would it be to have the management side of things integrated into a "normal" race sim?

Even stuff like adding in a EuroTruck Sim element to carry the freight from factory to track...

It could become a sim racing world type game... Mmmm

Had many a conversation about this with @Bram in the past. The possibilities could be endless.

Just imagine wanting to chat to a mate over TS. Rather than loading up the TS and looking at a blank screen you could load the "sim world" and go to a track while other people are testing and walk round the track with your joystick, find a nice seat in the grandstand and watch some cars while you talk...

Man I could go on for ages on this topic (I smell an article coming :D)
Yes, like DCS World or OFP/ARMA. Was fantastic the first time you got into OFP and the scale of it, and when you understood you could do anything! You could take on the role of anyone. Wanted to only drive people up to the fronts in a truck all night? You could do that. Wanted to be a pilot? Sure go ahead. Wanted to run logistics between camps, like moving ammo and supplies? Sure why not! :)

At one point we were running the fantastic radio mod that made talking over TS 100% realistic. If you were too far away it started to crackle and static came on harder and harder until you didnt hear eachother. If you went behind a mountain/big hill - same thing. And the beauty of it was that one of our team mates had to drive an antenna truck and place it on top of a hill with a small squad protecting him up there, and when they pushed the button to raise the antenna we could finally talk to eachother (2 squads on each side of the hill doing 2 operations at once). I remember during a really scary situation we detached from eachother around a hill and i was alone with the enemy all around, and when i tried to radio my mates all they heard, and all i heard was "XXZZZZZello?! ..XXcccxxzzzan..you..heaxxZZZXXxx...". :confused:

Yeah, i understand you too well. Maybe further into the future we will start to be able to connect more simulators to eachother. There are plenty of people who love ETS/ATS and to deliver or drive race cars from track to track - who wouldnt love that as a mission? And with the stress of actually being able to get there in time or the driver misses the chance to race. Wooooo! Add a flight sim to it when we need to go from Italy to the states for a race haha! :)

I smell an article indeed. You have a serious task my friend. You shall write the ultra mega epic article that every sim dev across the globe will read, and with the unavoidable light bulb moment they get from this excellent article they will start the coding process to connect us all. :thumbsup:

Lesley Buurlage

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Reminds me of 2 games: rtl gp racing manager and f1 online the game, 1st one pretty basic but came with an editor, which made it better by quite a bit. And the latter actually a CM F1 game which was fun to play, until they pulled the plug because it didn't earn them enough money :( i loved that game. But for me the hype train for this game has already arrived. Bring on september!!! :D


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I shouldn't have checked out this thread... Now I can't stop playing the mobile version since buying it yesterday. :D
This looks way to casual sadly. Also tried http://www.unitedgp.net/com ... maybe thats the stuff people play on phone these days.
Grand Prix World was my type of game. Being smart about hiring new engineers, when do i stop developing the current car/taking resources away for next year, hospitality like trying to attract sponsors (talking to a sponsor for several month ... only to see them signing with mc laren^^). The excitement when you bring a newly developed car to the track, seeing all the new sponsors and how well it runs/feedback from drivers .... ahhhhhhh

ah and trying to steal technology from other teams, using illegal stuff (active suspension...)
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