Motorhome Racing Coming to Wreckfest

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Everyone likes racing a motorhome, don't they?

Actually that statement might sound like I'm being facetious, but when it comes to racing in a no holes barred destruction derby type of environment, then the ability to strap oneself into the driving seat of a normally genteel type of vehicle and race around trying to knock your rivals into oblivion is actually a really, really exciting prospect.

Never ones to miss an opportunity to entertain and delight in equal measure, it looks like Bugbear Entertainment and Nordic Games have taken up the challenge and decided to bring motorhome racing to the title in the very near future - adding what has the promise to be an exceptionally good fun new element of racing into what is for me one of the most underrated racing games currently available to purchase today.

Wreckfest Motorhome Racing a.jpg

According to the recent blog posting from Bugbear, these new machines should be quite the spectacle once on track and receiving contact, which could make for some interesting games of last man standing...

As you can see, our version of the titular recreational vehicle stays true to the spirit of Wreckfest, featuring a body that shows its age and a wicked, demolition derby inspired paint job. Not only that, but we also really went to town with the body damage, and as a result you will see individual body panels of the camper section getting mangled and ripped off in collisions, getting opened up like a sardine can – pretty awesome!
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Also confirmed by Bugbear, the motorhome content will feature as part of the vanilla line-up of vehicles in the long awaited console version of the game, and PC players will also get access to these machines as a free update once they are made publicly available.


Wreckfest is available for PC now, with console release to follow later this year.

For more smashing fun, head over to the RaceDepartment Wreckfest sub forum, and don't forget to check out the awesome RD Wreckfest Racing Club for some contact filled and laugh out loud online racing activity!

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Feb 18, 2017
This makes me happy. The fun factor of WF is off the charts, and these motorhomes will be a blast to drive.


Dec 12, 2011
Speaking of liveries, i wish there was option to remove "offensive" writings from the livery, leaving only numbers etc.
First of all, because real jokkis have some sponsor writings - basically some random local workshop or company;
but also, because they are just too generic and meaningless. Properly offensive would be writings like "blah blah blah gap blah blah blah racing driver", resembling "typical Senna fan" who abuses the famous quote as an excuse for overly aggressive behaviour on track, taking others in the corners.
"Hit me" or "Mean machine" just doesn't add anything, apart from the feeling that those words are lowering an IQ of the entire street where are you living.
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May 21, 2010
Hope they have a Pace Arrow, was riding shotgun through the centre of London a few years back, only hit 5 different cars and knocked 1 petrol pump over in the space of a couple hours, funniest thing ever. Just remember to say no if a mate asks if you want to go pick up his new motor with him, still can't look at a Pace Arrow without wetting myself.
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