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Discussion in 'MotoGP 13 - The Game' started by Helder Filipe, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Helder Filipe

    Helder Filipe

    Hi guys.
    Just started the thread to try to get some people, to have some fun with MotoGP13 on PS3.
    I was thinking to leave here our PSN's and add it on PS3, maybe we can start to Race together, organizing it here in RD, maybe Fridays/Saturdays night...dont know yet just a try to do something to have fun on 2 wheels, for it, needs your feedback and a good group of fair guys, and RD is the right place :) if we get it, i think, we can launch it...

    I start it:

    RD Member: Helder Filipe
    PSN ID: Young_Gunner92

    Anyone following me...!? :) Lets start playing it together, organized and fairly. :)

    Lets say it is like a recognize topic, after we get all PSN ID's here on the list and added on PS3, we can start doing Race Clubs, and thinking about rules, host, etc,etc... RD will allow it i believe... :)
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  2. Kairon Martinez

    Kairon Martinez

    RD Member: Kairon Martinez
    PSN I.D: iniesta256
  3. KawaKasper


    RD Member: KawaKasper
    PSN ID: KawaKasper036
    Location: Europe