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    New BMW MotoGP Safety Car unveiled ahead of 2016

    BMW and the MotoGP™ World Championship continue their proud partnership as BMW reveal the 2016 M2 Safety Car.

    BMW M head into the 2016 MotoGP™ season with a Safety Car based on the new BMW M2 Coupé. The BMW M2 MotoGP™ Safety Car is the new highlight of the MotoGP™ fleet and immediately takes a leading role in the quest to get the field of top-class riders round the racetrack quickly and safely in the coming rounds of the World Championship.

    The BMW M2 Coupé provided the ideal basis for a MotoGP™ Safety Car, particularly as its distinct racing genes are part of the product’s DNA. The new inline six-cylinder engine with innovative M TwinPower Turbo technology and three-litre capacity guarantees extremely sporty performance. With a maximum output of 272 kW/370 hp and a maximum torque of 7,000 min-1, the car has an extremely rev-happy power train, perfect for the track.

    At the BMW M factory in Garching, the production car was modified, optimised and prepared by hand for its new role in MotoGP™. As well as exclusive tailor-made solutions and mandatory safety features, the engineers at BMW M Division also equipped the Safety Car with extensive BMW M Performance Parts. This not only gives the car an eye-catching appearance, but also plays a practical role in the areas of aerodynamics, cooling and lightweight design.

    Back in early October 2015, a team of BMW M experts began preparing to assemble the 
BMW M2 MotoGP™ Safety Car. Two weeks later, a basic production model rolled into the halls of the M factory. This signaled the start of the task of manually converting the BMW M2 Coupé into an exclusive safety car. The modifications took a good ten weeks to complete.

    The prototype workshop, which is responsible
 for innovative detailed solutions and perfect customisations within the BMW M factory, played a central role in the project. It is here that a team of highly-qualified specialists implemented the most demanding specifications by hand. As well as the installation and addition of BMW M Performance Parts, the prototype workshop’s key roles included preparing tailor-made components, capable of coping 100 per cent with the high-performance demands faced on the racetrack. It is ultimately this combination of innovative technology and skilled manual perfection that make the BMW M2 MotoGP™ Safety Car truly one of a kind.

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