MotoGP | Rossi to Leave Yamaha in 2021 - Quartararo Joining


Sep 12, 2009
As you can clearly see from my avatar, I'm a huge fan of Vale, he's my idol.
But Yamaha made the right choice, securing Quartararo that could be the anti-Marquez.
Yes Yes Yes!!!! THIS! Quartararo IS the new Face of Yamaha (Vinalez Who?....#2) and Possibly MotoGP..... FACT!! With all DUE Respect to Valentino Rossi as One Of The GREATEST Riders MotoGP has Ever Known, and MY personal favorite since he entered the premier class! He will leave as a LEGEND to Give birth/way of a new Legend and a Marquez Stabilizer! Go Yamaha Let Vinny have HRT and Mark take over Ducati....jus sayn
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