MGP20 MotoGP 21 Announced | New Trailer and Screenshots Revealed

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Milestone are set to further expand their two-wheel bike offering in the near future, with the announcement of the next in a long line of official MotoGP bike racing games - MotoGP 21.
  • Official game of the 2021 MotoGP Championship.
  • All bikes, teams, riders and circuits of the current season.
  • Return of historic bikes and riders.

Another new 2 wheel racing adventure is about to begin as recent days sees the announcement of the latest official MotoGP racing game - MotoGP 21.

As usual from a Milestone developed bike racing title, the new announcement it packed full of some absolutely incredible looking visuals, an area of the MotoGP games that increasingly impresses with each new release into the franchise.

Visuals aside, Milestone appear to have done well to pack the upcoming title with plenty of interesting content, adding both the Moto2 and Moto3 series alongside MotoGP and historic favourites, plus a well fleshed out career mode where players can either pick up with their favourite rider, or form their own team to take on the might of the Grand Prix racing world.

MotoGP 21 is set to release on both console and PC April 22nd this year.

Check out these awesome looking screenshots below:

MotoGP 21 3.jpg
MotoGP 21 4.jpg
MotoGP 21 5.jpg

MotoGP 21 2.jpg

About the Game:

The Very Best of MotoGP

Live the 2021 Season at its fullest with the classes MotoGP™, Moto2™, Moto3™.

Live the most authentic and immersive 2-wheels racing experience with more than 120 official riders, over 20 tracks and new and improved features for an unprecedented level of realism. And for the first time, the Long Lap Penalty. Relive the history of MotoGP™ with more than 40 historic riders and their iconic bikes.

Plan Your Game
Take full control of your managerial career: joining an official team or creating a brand new one it's up to you. Then select your Staff: a team of professionals will assist you throughout the season and your career, helping you to take crucial decisions like the choice of the best contract and the development of your bike.

And once you get to the highest classes, build your own Junior Team, handling every aspect.

Every Detail Under Control
When you can control and manage every aspect of the race, every decision matters. Keep tabs on the level of Fuel, the Brakes temperature and the Tire wear. Take crucial choices based on your riding style and the conditions of the race

Winning With Style
Whether is the way you ride or the way you look, style is key in MotoGP™21. Show them who you really are! Customize helmet, suit, stickers, racing number and livery with 5 incredible graphic editors!

And impress everyone with your riding style too! Also, our revolutionary neural AI system based on machine learning is back with significant improvements: get ready to discover new faces of A.N.N.A. in the most exciting races ever!

Take the fun to a whole new level challenging your friends online or create your own events with the Race Director mode, enjoying a smooth and lag-free experience thanks to our Dedicated Servers.

Original Source: Milestone

MotoGP 21 is set to release on both console and PC, April 22 2021.

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MotoGP 21 Footer.jpg
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Until we have access to a controller that can mimic what it is to ride a motorcycle, like we do for driving cars, any attempt to develop software is futile in a simulation perspective.
Feels like building a boat in a desert.
Couldn’t say it better. I would love to play this game if there were a motor wheel thing controller available.
I did not see a word here about crashes - after the crash - no respawn, you will have to run to bike to pick it up and rejoin! After 20 years since sbk 2001 this feature returns.
Really ?
Is that true, you'll have to run for your bike ? That would be cool.
knowing how often I crash guess this option would be turned off after few days :geek:
I remember going to the arcade way back and playing a bike game, it was cool getting on the bike and going side to side. Maybe they'll have that soon for people that have that kind of room, $$$ and really want that immersion out of a bike sim.
I won’t join the bashing.

In general I think that Milestone has changed quite a lot in the last years, especially with their move to the Unreal engine and higher production value. Are all their seasonal releases spectacular? Does every new title bring significant improvements, no. But that’s part and parcel with seasonal sports titles. You either buy them for the new season if you are a real fan or if the cumulative changes are significant enough to tickle your fancy.

Personally I have enjoyed many Milestone games, MXGP, MESX, MotoGP and Ride series, especially all of the recent Unreal based titles.

That said, I will not get MotoGP 21 upon release for the very reason I mentioned - the changes do not appear significant enough for me, not seeing anything about physics or handling (at least not as a selling point). Maybe later this year after getting more mileage out of MotoGP 20.

...still on the fence about their upcoming MESX 4 game.
Looks like it will carry over some of the MXGP 20 changes I like, including the (imo) improved 1st person.

yeah, flame me - not a biker, so I don’t mind using a controller.
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unfortunately a bike sim rig its most likely never gonna happen unless we re talking into 4 to 5 digits price (for which I would rather buy a real bike), theres no way you can manufacture a rig that cost close to a g29 or a t300 and so far the only attemps at bike sim hardware Ive seen its the one that was posted on RD a month or so ago (on which you couldnt handle, the bike moved according to a motogp replay lap).
On the other side, I think milestone are finally getting the most out of the genre, both motogp and mxgp 2020 have been one of their best iteration so far and even for a gamepad only experience I think they make a far bigger effort at getting a realistic experience when you compare it to the likes of Codemasters, besides their games looks stunning and UE4 supports bunch of mods, lets see what is new compare to last year game tho
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Having ridden bikes for over 25 years I've don't think it's been done any better than the early attempts like gp500. The main problem is you can't translate it into hardware as has been mentioned.

I'm quite happy to swap real driving for vr sim driving most of the time but nothing can replicate real riding.
That trailer physically hurt my brain. Are they marketing to AHDS teens?

Screens look good, but the real visual test will be the landscape, TSOs, Buildings. I enjoy MGP19, but they are always lagging behind contemporary games in track visuals - Bikes and Riders are fine.

AHDS? Don't you mean ADHD?

Also the music in that trailer is terrible and whoever made should be taken into a dark room and be beaten like the Oschersleben designer was.

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Really ?
Is that true, you'll have to run for your bike ? That would be cool.
knowing how often I crash guess this option would be turned off after few days :geek:

Me in Superbike 2000 (also Milestone!).
"Cool, so AI-crashing means they will actually lose a lot of positions. This can be coooool" (I was 10... cool was probably used even more than that).
Race 3: "Turning this off. I crash more in one race than all AI's combined in 10".

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