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MGP20 MotoGP 20 | Career Features Revealed (New Trailer)

I have asked before - but does this neural thing give the MotoGP AI bots an edge compared to the more scripted bots in other racing games?
Yes, the AI can give you quite a challenge. They're not scripted and will take openings if they can and sometimes even make mistakes while doing it.

I have had some nice rivalries that last the entire season.
It's not perfect, but I do enjoy the AI.
Estaria bien si metiese como en F1 mercado de traspasos, y que los pilotos subieran de catergoria, bajasen en los casos de ultimos puestos de motogp o se retirasen con la edad, eso da muchisima vida al modo carrera, vosotros que creeis?
Expanded historical bikes section sounds good to me.
The managerial bit, bike upgrades, tweaked AI and physics.
As long as the progression of the game is going in a direction I like, I'll buy it.