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MotoGP 19: New Update Released

MotoGP 19 Updated.jpg
Milestone have deployed a fresh update for their brand new MotoGP 19 bike racing title.

Released recently with promise of being the most advanced and polished title within the MotoGP franchise of games, Milestone certainly appear to have made some very solid improvements to the new game, meeting with largely positive reactions from the bike racing gaming community.

Despite what has been a solid start to life for MotoGP 19, a new update has dropped recently that addresses some minor aspects of the game that have been deemed in need of refinement post release.

Of the new features and fixes within the latest hotfix, the inclusion of the new eSport Challenges is perhaps one of the most significant, bringing another dimension to the online aspect of the game.

Other notable improvements include a rebalancing of the in game AI skill levels and some general fixes within the title.

Update Notes:
  • eSport – Introduced eSport challenges.
  • Editors – Introduced stickers editor
  • Riders – Unlocked “Valentino Rossi 2001”
  • Gameplay – Improved vibration feedback.
  • Gameplay – Anti-wheelie rebalanced.
  • Gameplay – AI Rider skill levels rebalanced.
  • Gameplay – Fixed physics on kerbs (traction).
  • Gameplay – Fixed issue about ECU settings in box and race.
  • Gameplay – Fixed AI behavior in warm-up lap.
  • Gameplay – Updated 2D dashboard
  • Gameplay – Added mini dashboard in first person camera
  • Career – Added packages descriptions in pre-season tests.
  • Career – Fixed issue about “leg out” animation in career mode.
  • Career – Fixed ideal line issue while rewinding in career mode tests.
  • Online – Various fixes.
  • 3D Models – Updated box lighting

MotoGP 19 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

For the latest news and discussions about the most recent MotoGP game release, head on over to our MotoGP 19 sub forum and get yourself involved with the community today.

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Feb 15, 2017
  • Gameplay – AI Rider skill levels rebalanced.
I hope so because game was too easy.


May 13, 2014
Wanted to do a slow sighting lap...
...rider lies on the tank as if he was going 300kph even at slow speeds... doesn't look cool... milestone will never get this game right...
...let's hope for MotoGP 29 or so...


Apr 28, 2009
The AI appear to have no tyre wear and the neural AI seem to have been borked in the latest update.
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Jul 16, 2011
I used to play MotoGP videogames with wheel, but with the olds motogp games. Nowaday, new games aren't coded for that. it's a shame because as strange it could appear, with wheel, you can feel the road and motorbike's tire grip on track. With the force feedback's feeling You can be more precise on track's trajectory or better manage motorbike's slide.
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Mar 22, 2017
GirlRacerTracey posted a video in this thread on how to get one working. Highly recommended over a game pad controller. Just my opinion of course.

I've always used my wheel for these games with no problems, until Motogp19.
Unless I've got things wrong, the only way to get around corners fast is to powerslide.
My wheel is just too sensitive and I can't achieve the balance needed.


Sep 23, 2013
I'm finding it great fun on a Xbox One pad now they have increased the vibration.

Isaac Chavira

Livery Designer
Sep 11, 2009
I'll be buying this one in conjunction with F1 2019. I usually buy them both every two - three years.