Morgan Morand Signs with GhostSpeed for 2013

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    Morgan Morand has just signed with GhostSpeed Racing Team for another year! The Frenchman is one of the fastest drivers in Formula Simracing (if not the fastest currently) and GhostSpeed had no doubts to commit him for the next season!

    Morgan Morand and GhostSpeed a coincidence or a plan?

    Fact is that Morgan Morand had, in the middle of the 2012 season, some problems with his former team. After that he decided to go a new way and asked GhostSpeed for a World Championship seat.

    Pedro Rodrigues and Markus Hoffmann of the Management Team had a serious and enlightening discussion with Morgan where all the terms and conditions were cleared out and agreed on. Morgan accepted his new role in the team to be the new Leading Driver of GhostSpeed Racing Team. It was surely the biggest surprise of the 2012 season.

    The following race in Silverstone has shown that Morgan Morand was able to drive with the GhostSpeed’s car in a high level, showing no problems to adapt to it. In Hungary and Valencia, now driving the new version of the GS08 (the GS08-PRFG), Morgan has shown his strongest pace ever until then. He became quicker and quicker for every race which has been proven in Spa Francorchamps as well!

    GhostSpeed Racing Team is proud to have a driver who is thinking about moving the team forward. So, the decision to extend this partnership into 2013 came easily, since Morgan’s and GhostSpeed’s plans match: fighting for 2013 World Championships!

    Meanwhile, the team is still focused in 2012 and it is giving full support to Morgan to give him the best chances to still be the World Champion this season.

    Markus Hoffmann, Sporting Director/Manager commented:
    “A very helpful and lovely guy will continue staying with us, and we appreciate that. He is representing us at the moment in an extremely good way and making ourselves attractive enough to be on top positions.​
    We are looking forward to the season 2013 and our aim will be to fight for the Championship. We will be stronger and better than we are now and it won’t be easy to beat us.​
    Right now the GhostSpeed Racing Team is supporting Morgan in any way he needs to be supported because he can win the Championship still this year.”​

    Pedro Rodrigues, Team Owner commented:
    “We are very happy and proud of the teamwork Morgan has shown since he joined us and of his achievements. So, the fact that he’s now extending his stay here makes the next season very exciting.​
    We already had the goal to steadily improve the team to be fighting for the FSR World Championships in the timeframe of two years. Morgan signing with us this season boosted that goal and our plans to reach it already next season are well underway now by signing him for another year. We are really looking forward to next season!​
    But we will keep our focus in this one also where we have important goals to achieve still: support Morgan in trying to win the Drivers World Championship and be 2nd in the Constructors World Championship.”​

    Morgan Morand, GS Driver commented:
    “Sign with GhostSpeed for 2013 was not a very hard question. Since I joined the team, I enjoy every moment spent: The atmosphere is great and a lot of people inside the team are fantastic. Why move on? I’m feeling good and accepted here.​
    GhostSpeed is a high level team with a lot of potential, at the same level of Precision Motorsports and Twister Racing in my point of view. I’m looking forward to see GhostSpeed being in top position in all championship next year, like Pedro and Markus told.​
    This decision will boost again the team to support me to be World Champion and put GhostSpeed in the 2nd place in Constructors standings this year, and I will be proud to wear the number 1 on the GhostSpeed 2013 car if the plan is a success. It will be a big thanks to the team, management and drivers together.”​

    Will there be another surprise for 2013? We will see…

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    Best of luck :thumbsup:
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    Good luck :)
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    Morgan reminds me of Dante from Clerks :p
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    Good Luck on another year and hopefully it will be your first season (since ATR Silverline) that you will stay with one team