More Q's - I need A's!

Hi guys -my ever increasing list of Questions continues.....

Next up is simply to verify a few things I have read seen about the place....

Righty here we go, My first attempt at making a track (still un-named fantasy track) is quite heavily populated with trees etc in some sections. In light of differing computer specs that guys could be using to play EVO/RaceOn I would like to know how the following may effect FPS.

1: I read somewhere that having items as "collidable" effects FPS due to adding to resources required to process that data - is this correct?

2: LOD IN/OUT - or "pop-up" in BTB EVO (and other versions too I'm sure) you can force objects to pop-up at varying distances - does having a large amount of objects rendered effect the FPS - even if they are not visible on the screen, or does the actual process of creating/rendering the items serve as a bigger hit?

3: (a kinda follow on from the previous one) Does a long SObject use more resources than a bunch of objects? Potentially you could set the LOD IN/Out to turn off single Objects, where-as one long SObject would need to process the entire length (even if not in view)

Depending on the outcome of this post my track may need to undergo some "detail" modding. Of course i understand that more cars on track (maximum 22) will effect the FPS - already noticed that, and thats the reason for my questions....I simply want to get a relative balance between looking nice (without noticable pop-ups) and playing smoothly...I've turned object shadows off - mainly to conserve processor power, and really the track still looks ok - who really looks at the shadows anyway???

Once this is sorted - it'll be a case of tidying up the gdb/aiw/cam files, trying to sort the startlights (as in a previous post) and then looking for a few kind souls to do some beta testing - its getting closer - but still a ways off yet!

Oh! nearly forget I need a name for it too - he he he! might let the beta-testers think of one.

Cheers for any help,

Kris Vickers

1. Yes thats correct. What many people do is instead of having a 1000 poly object as collidable, they`ll create a low poly version and have that as the objects collider which is set to NOT be rendered.

2. Rendering objects is always an FPS hit. The more objects your GPU has to 'draw', the harder its working. The best thing to do here is set it as far as you can get away with for noticable objects, but for little things like cones, trees, bushes etc. you can have them disappear alot sooner.

3. I`m not 100% sure, and someone may correct me if i`m wrong, but a longer SObject means a bigger GMT (or what ever object file your game uses), which i`d imagine tasks up more resources. I`ve always found best to go with more smaller SObjects.
Cheers for that - this certainly is an ever-learning process, this is my first long-winded attempt at making a track and I quite often stumble onto small bits of info (like the things above) that make me second guess my initial editing.......

Time to adjust things.....sigh! another delay! :D

Just go with what works on your computer. All gamers now have extremely powerful computers equal to or surpassing your own, they have to in order to play these types of games, so generally if it works on your machine go with it.
there is a standard about at the moment where every building looks just a giant brick and road surfaces are extremely polygonal this is not necessary and it looks terrible so don't be afraid of experimenting with buildings and textures.. build in sections so that if something doesn’t work you can go back and change until it does, try to push the limits of what you can get away with.
Just look at virtua-LM tracks.... there fantastic looking tracks with an insane amount of polygons in them but they manage to pull it off, and they work extremely well on every bodies machine.
But most off all enjoy what you’re doing and HAVE FUN BUILDING IT....:D
Phew:cool: always wanted to say that, it’s good to get it off my chest.
hey James thanks for that feedback - I could see the weight coming off your shoulders as you typed it out :D

I'm in no way intending to have a "retro detailed" track (Bricks and polygon layout) part of a sim is trying to implement some form of realism so that players get immersed in the track - whether I succeed in this or not time will tell...

But I guess I dont want negative feedback due to players not being able to run the track too!

Having Fun building it???? Yes and No! it is a challenge and fun but can also be frustrating as well - when things just dont quite go how you want em too......

Pretty close to looking for some beta testers (and possibly file editors - to fix startlights etc etc) Any Other New Zealand based editors/racers out there???

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