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Discussion in 'NASCAR Heat 3' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium


    NASCAR Heat 3 2.jpg NASCAR Heat 3.jpg NASCAR Heat 4.jpg NASCAR Heat 5.jpg NASCAR Heat 3 1.jpg
    First we had the announcement trailer, now we get some new images from the upcoming NASCAR Heat 3 videogame...

    Once again produced by 704Games and set to release on both console and PC, NASCAR Heat 3 is set to become the latest in the recently refreshed NASCAR Heat franchise of racing videogames that depict the official Monster Energy NASCAR series in the United States.

    Containing all the cars, teams and drivers from three tiers of officially sanctioned NASCAR racing, plus a newly introduced set of events that take place on dirt locations - the breading ground of many former and current NASCAR racers, Heat 3 very much looks like the developers are pushing for one of the most rounded and complete iterations of the series to day.

    Set to include for the very first time the fantasy Xtreme Dirt Tour, this new element of gameplay will give players the opportunity to race over eight brand new dirt tracks prior to making the jump into the bigger leagues of paved racing, entering the Camping World Truck Series prior to moving up the ranks into the NASCAR Xfinity Series and finally the big show itself, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

    Adding depth to previous offerings, 704Games have promised the new title will include a much enhanced career mode this time around, giving gamers the freedom to build and manage their own race teams as they develop a career in the heart of American motorsports.

    With two admittedly lacklustre games behind them so far, NASCAR Heat 3 has to deliver, and deliver big if the good will behind the return of Monster Games is to continue into a fourth edition of the series....

    Don't forget to leave a comment in our NASCAR Heat 3 Wish List thread and let the developers know what you want to see included in the next and future editions of the series..

    NASCAR Heat 3 will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC September 7th 2018.

    Don't forget to check out the new NASCAR Heat 3 sub forum, a place to go and discuss the title and keep abreast of the latest news as and when it becomes available!

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    What do you think of the prospects of an improved NASCAR Heat in this third edition? Looking forward to NH3? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Knoxstar


    Apart from the game which isn't out it must be a marketing nightmare. I dpn't even recognize all the drivers on the cover or title image. No Dale Jr, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, etc.I only stopped watching last year after the 3 stage gimmick stuff came into being. I hope I'm wrong and the game is great and if so I'll buy it if for no other reason than it has Mosport, a very much overlooked track by other developers.
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  3. gamer19


    Those cars from dirt oval are sooooo fugly !!!
    Are they really exist or they came straight from game designers heads ? :alien:
    I pray for second.
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  4. Stephen O'Sullivan

    Stephen O'Sullivan

    It's looking good but, as ever, it's all about the FFB, the physics, the framerate and the AI. Get that right and Nascar Heat 3 could be great fun. *crosses fingers* :whistling: I'd love to try a good US racing sim with oval and dirt tracks.
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  5. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    iRacing is going to get AI...so for me personally I will be waiting for the Oval action in iRacing with AI added....iRacing also has good FFB with most wheels, lazer scanned tracks, decent graphics, VR support...although the comparison might be unfair, both of these are still fundamentally simulations of a racing game.
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  6. Aaron Markham

    Aaron Markham

    The real deal. 800+ horsepower. Although I doubt NASCAR Heat 3 will do them much justice.

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  7. Raikku


    So it seem that they still doesn't do anything to game's horrible graphics? I have both 1 and 2 on Xbox One(X) and as much as I would wanted to have some nascar game on console, I can't drive them with their graphics, it's like something from early ps3-era and still fps dips somewhere 20'ish very often. Shame on them. Really rather drive some nascar car/track in Forza/pCars etc.
  8. Pywackett-Barchetta


    I see a lot of people saying the graphics look 'horrible' whenever new screenshots come out. I think it's a nice high-contrast bright color scheme that goes less for realism and more for an easily readable pack and distinctive cars. It's a great art style in my book, but I'm very biased by 90's arcade racers, I realize.

    It's the aliasing on the catchfence that's looked horrible at speed the last two games. Hopefully THAT gets fixed somehow.
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  9. Nelson Ullinskey

    Nelson Ullinskey

    Usually I don't care for NASCAR games, but holy content batman this looks amazing!
  10. Banoub


    The extreme saturation is annoying. This a game that screams for reshade.
  11. gamer19


    May I kindly ask - what exactly does "look amazing" here !?
  12. ShredatorFIN


    Sorry to say.. but the graphics look like crap. Would be kind of understandable for extreme hard core sim, built on an old engine. But the feeling when Automobilista looks better...
  13. Ricardo Gomes

    Ricardo Gomes

    Same game from previous years... only patched with 2018 skins and dirt racing.
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