More free content confirmed as crowdfunding campaign hits 36% in 9 days!

Billy Pilgrim

Mar 25, 2014
From info posted on Steam (4 JULY 2015):

Reiza SimRacing Bonanza - More Good News!

Thanks to the 367 backers who together have funded 36% of the goal so far, we are very happy to confirm the following upcoming additions:

SuperV8 (for SCE);
Mitsubishi Lancer Cup (for SCE);
Montreal modern (for SCE & FTruck);
Velo Cittá (for SCE & FTruck).

As per previous information, all backers from the campaign will earn early access to these developments as they reach beta status. The content will later be added to the release versions of the games for all to enjoy.

Still to make your contribution? Join in now, get early access and help us add more items to this list!
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