Monza to be Dropped After 2016


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EDIT: Imola is a good option.
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I for one welcome this. Monza is boring. Pedal to the metal...*yawn*.

It's not my favourite track ever, but there are lots of great things about it - History, atmosphere, top speed. The low downforce which the cars have to be set up for is just so unique, and the 2014 cars are likely to reach crazy top speeds this year. It should be a great spectacle.


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Trouble is the likes of the BBC have never covered anything that they have had the rights to properly anyway. About the only thing they do cover well is Wimbledon.

In todays wouldn't hurt the BBC to put up a basic BBC Sports channel, that way if they got the F1 back or Moto GP....Golf, Football etc etc at least they would have a dedicated channel to host it on.

At least the Pay TV channels cover the sports they have rights too properly. F1 for instance, you'll see the practice sessions, behind the scenes footage etc etc right up to qualifying and race day. Plus GP2 races thrown into the mix.

Did the BBC ever give the sport this good a coverage? No. dedicated channel. Why should a channel get rights for a sport if it can only cover it for an hour here or there, you'd end up with far less media exposure than you currently get with the Pay TV channels.

Sort yourself out might get some decent sports back again.

In reply to the OP.....Monza wasn't one of my fav tracks as it goes.....but surely we have to keep some sort of historic track line up. Do not want to go down the route of new uninspiring tracks that all end up feeling the same. What next Monaco? Silverstone?

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I was born in 92 and I barely remember the early 00's never mind the "good days".

It's easy for young people to look back at highlights of era's and drivers and forget that there were low points and boring points just like there is now. Same way it can be easy older generations to look back with rose tinted specs and think everything was "better back in the day".
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Bad, bad idea.
It's getting time for the major players in F1 to tell Bernie and the FIA to go pound sand.
Both have simply forgotten why they exist.
Bernie and his band of 'investors' need to look around at the rest of the world and take less. Everybody else is.
This action would not go over well with the Tifosi or Ferrari...and it shouldn't.
The stands are always full, whether it's Monza or Imola.
I guess the question is why would F1 be disloyal to the Italian fans who've supported them from the beginning.
Some things you just don't mess with...this is one of those things.
That stupid little short-ars*d dwarf! What else is he going to do to ruin it for the teams, drivers and spectators? He doesn't care about the sport, he only cares about how much money he makes and then how much tax he can avoid and his stupid supermodel girlfriends.