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Monza AI Magic?

Rex Racer 65

So, with F1 at Monza this weekend, I've been doing single player racing there with the RSS Formula Hybrid & full 2017 skin pack, which is really cool. But the AI just sale through both Lesmo corners with what seems like "magic grip". No matter how I attack those corners, I just don't have enough grip to keep up with the AI. I've got to brake & downshift to make the turns and use all of the curbs, but they still walk away from me at those turns lap after lap. They're also faster, but not quite as much at the following Ascari complex too. My "Crew Chief" reports I'm 1~1.5 seconds off the pace in sector 2 consistently. I've tried some setup changes, but nothing gets me the grip they have - not even ultra-soft tires. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.