Monster Jam | New Update Available Now

A brand new update for Monster Jam Steel Titans is now available to download.

I'm going to be honest here, I don't play the game and I'm pretty confused about the rather obscure and confusing information available, but if after performing my best Sherlock Holmes routine I'm nearly half right in my investigations... I think an update is available - but I've no idea what it contains.

What I do know is the update will be free for all players, has a more difficult career mode and contains something called 'Overcast variants' - whatever that is.

I'm sure many of you are interested in the game and its development, so I'm going to post the full preview comment from social media here and let you try and work out what it means - comment below if you know!

Conquer the all new high difficulty Career+ mode to unveil brand new Overcast variants, and explore new Open World Challenges from legendary Monster Jam Trucks like Grave Digger, El-Toro Loco and Max-D to unlock special in game world items!​
The update is available to download on all platforms from December 12th.

Got something to say about the game? Get yourself over to the Monster Jam: Steel Titans sub forum here at RaceDepartment and start a thread to engage with your fellow community members.

Monster Jam Steel Titans Update.jpg
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Will Mazeo

For a second... well more like a minute, I couldnt understand the pic and thought I was seeing some MMORPG promotion lol

Ross Garland

For a second... well more like a minute, I couldnt understand the pic and thought I was seeing some MMORPG promotion lol
Given that pic and "monster" in the title, I thought pretty much the exact same thing initially. I wondered if Paul was cracking up and thought he was posting to the long-extinct PlayDepartment! :p


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Well the company that owns Monster Jam (Feld Entertainment) is about 8-10 miles away from me and has had it tough having to shut down Ringling Bros. Circus. They also own other motorsports racing sanctions and is alluring to developers as far as licensing goes. This title is a fanfare style racing game but could also allure pure simracers with a more serious sim style version of the game and open the door to develop titles based on other series they own.

Feld Motor Sports, Inc.[30]
Like it or not they as a group should not be ignored

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