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Oct 9, 2011
i can always run the HistorX another night while the trucks are on.
There will be 2 races on the night apart from the last one which is a special event and double points at a well know long track.. :whistling::whistling::whistling:

Warren Schembri

Dec 5, 2012
I got this game in November when the GSC/FT combo was on offer but have never played it. I might also have to give this a go :)
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Apr 23, 2009
Is it just the Sundays in May or does it run into June?

I'm in, I will try to be there every race, but I can't guarantee I'll be there for every race as I look after my wife.

Rupe Wilson

Mar 1, 2009
Well as we only race one track on a club night why would i say tracks.:)
But there is more than one track to learn;)

Calum McLure

Did ye, aye?
Jun 20, 2011
Really looking forward to this :D

Some trucks being better at tracks than others will be a nice aspect I think eg.

Merc = anywhere with a big straight

Ford = Caruaru lol

Rupe Wilson

Mar 1, 2009
pit stop guide.png

This quick guide will show you how to make a successful pit stop in Formula Truck.

Setting Up

The first thing you'll need to do is make sure you've mapped all the relevant controls. Map buttons for the following entries:

· Request a Pit Stop

· LCD Up

· LCD Down

· LCD Left

· LCD Right

Entering the Pits

When you are out on track push the button you've assigned to request a pit stop. It's best to do this early in a lap to give your pit crew time to prepare. Using the LCD keys, you can specify what work you want done to the truck, including changing tire pressures. The Ford trucks are a bit slower than the others, but are more forgiving when it comes to tire wear, for example, so plan your strategy before the race.

You need to be clear with your intentions when entering the pits in order to avoid incidents with vehicles around you. Ensure your truck is inside the white line denoting the pit entry lane nice and early - do not cut across the white line with a last second dive into the pits.

pit entrance.png

Each pit lane has a speed limit. At Cascavel, for example, that limit is 60 KPH. Slow your truck down below this limit before crossing the pit entry line. If you speed in the pits, you'll incur a drive-thru penalty. The trucks do not have a pit speed limiter, so you'll need to be careful and manually manage how fast you're travelling. Using 2nd gear as your limiter is a good idea.

pit line.png

The Pit Stop

It's always a good idea to practice a pit stop during the warm-up session in order to learn where your pit box is. Search for a red outline on the floor and a pit-board that indicates your box, and stop inside it. Your pit crew won't touch your truck unless you're inside the box, so be careful not to overshoot it.

pit box.png

Keep your eye on the pit timer. The moment the timer stops counting, you're free to go. Pull out of your box (check your mirrors!) and carry on down the pit lane, remembering to stay under the speed limit.

Exiting The Pits

Once you cross the white line at the end of the pit lane, you are clear to hit racing speeds once again.

pit exit.png

You may be allowed to hit higher speeds, but the pit exit isn't completely done yet. When you get back onto the track, you'll be on the inside of a white line. You are not permitted to cross this line. Do not pull back onto the racing line before the end of the white line, ensure there are no other trucks you're likely to disadvantage or collide with, and merge back onto the track at racing speed.

merging onto track 1.png

That's it - you've successfully made a pit stop in Formula Truck.

Thanks to Andrew James for making up the guide
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