Monitor Mounted to Motion Rig?

I decided to switch away from my wall-mounted projector screen to a fancy 49" curved screen (the C49RG9/CRG9). Searching around the forums, it seemed opinions on whether to mount the monitor static or attached to the motion rig were mixed, but leaning toward motion rig for best results.

So, I built an 8020 mount and reinforcement to brace the sides of the monitor. Works great, the monitor doesn't wobble and is very sturdy (pictures below). I recommend it even if you don't have a motion rig, as the 49" monitor attached solely to a VESA mount will wobble a lot under braking, etc.

The problem is that I'm getting quite nauseous and sick while driving now :)

Any thoughts on this?

I run with a strong motion profile (150mm travel, 1:1 matching car orientation, plus traction table), but had zero problems when using the fixed projector screen. Now that the screen is much closer, and is moving with the cockpit, I find that my eyes have trouble tracking the screen under motion. I've tried adjusting the in-game settings for camera movement (locked to car, locked to world), and that didn't help - it seems to be the physical movement of the screen that is uncomfortable to look at.

IMG_0458.jpg IMG_0459.jpg IMG_0455.jpg IMG_0457.jpg