Monday Night Racing!! What would u like to see?

Eric. K

Title is pretty self explanatory. I am listening to input on what you guys like to race on Monday nights:)
1. Start time
2. Weather
3. Cars
4. Track

Lee Downham

Start time ... later is better for me - but anything with quali before (EDIT) 19:30 UTC ;) is very tricky (food and kids and bed and stuff).
Cars ... GT classes ... in which case weather is probably best set to "dry" mainly to make it easier, less treacherous (esp GTP) and thus get more folks racing.
Other car suggestions ... maybe also pick something out of the blue once in a while to keep it varied - the less often raced classes ... extremes, Cats, etc ... but none of them namby pamby FBimmers pls :)
Tracks ... non default ones get my vote most of the time. Our own BVM fella Gary Lennon had some class car / track combo's when he was doing some stuff round here ... Vipers at Limerock were absolute class for example (try them there and you will see what I mean). There are some other class tracks that are little used round these part ... dig some of those up out of the archives and with a bit of imagination, I am sure you will think of some classic combos too mate.
In the meantime I will have a think myself and post any that I think of here for yas :cool:
i am totaly with Lee on this but have something funny to sugest what i would like to see hopefully next week ;D
19:00 gmt Xtremes @ Sachsenring'67 with Airtemp around 29° and tracktemp around 34° to 37°

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
include your timezone Lee. :)

Vipers, Lime Rock, nuff sed :)

I'd like to see more cats but the high attrition rate probably means slow signups if they're run too often. Other than that I'm pretty easy on time and combos. Wouldn't mind Cats @ Cadwell / Kayalami although they're pretty much all I've raced there so taking something new to them would be cool.

Sorry but thats about as specific as I can come up with of the top of my head.

Eric. K

Everyone was crying for more wet weather:) as RD is always dry I expected to see more requests in that direction:)
even i am German and someone sayed we are all good in wet weather i just hate it :p and if you do some
laps at sachsenring you will find out wet track will be a killer there :D

Eric. K

And Lee:) You should take a look. I have setup more than few events in the past :) I am not really what you would call a noobie at it:)

I am just curious what you guys like to race as I think RACE is slowly on its way down....
the problem with Race07 is probaly there is to much contend (car classes) Minis are still good signed as they are every week and
you can count at this. same was with the Muscel club Yves was running on Sundays you could 100% count on it and at the end
it was realy good signed too, anyway GT cars are a bit different as it contains already 3 different classes and not all like Pro's or Sport's
while even less race the club cars anyway the most balanced class within the GT's are the Sport class but for GT cars even the track choise
is more important as to other classes so tracks choosen for Gt's should be not realy small twisty tracks

Warren Dawes

Keep mixing up the weather Eric, a little rain now and then won't do any harm, in fact I think people will get used to it and enjoy it fairly quickly. Mixing up the car choices is good for variety too, although I hate the WTCC Extreme cars, they don't seem realistic to me. Later will obviously suit me better, but anything earlier than 19.00GMT leaves me out.
preferred start time is 19:00 GMT

tracks, there are still a lot of tracks within the game itself to play. So it dont have to be an add-on.

changeble wether. also in the qualifiyng.

cars. BMW Z4, Lancia Delta, and some Bugatti's pls

Ondrej Kapal

Start time: 18-19 GMT (doesn't matter which one)
Weather: Wet getting dry, dry getting wet or 100% wet or 100% dry... haha, then RANDOM (I like idea about actual weather in real on track where we will be running - for example it will be Brno and there at this time will be rain.. so, wet weather etc.)
Cars: Radicals!!! well but it won't be so popular ... ok maybe some non RACE? like DTM, FVR, Porsche ... but if you want RACE cars, then Camaro cup or GT Sport (only) sounds good
EDIT: I forgot that mixing classes would be great too like now F1 vs FM etc. :)
Tracks: GTR Evo tracks, Cities (technique) and any fast track

David Zafiu

START TIME: 18:00-19:00 GMT
WATHER: Changing weather like 5 min dry,than full rain and at the end of the race drying again to 5-10% wet on the track.
CARS: Oh,i miss so much WTCC87 as those races are only for AMERICA time! I played once at american time in WTCC87 and i waked up at 4AM to race.....was extreamly hard to make the race in a sleppy condition,but i love soo much 87 WTCC. So,My choice and recomend is clearly WTCC87 BMW's and Alfa's.
TRACK: Historical WTCC Tracks.As the WTCC87 are slower cars than WTCC 2008,i propose to chose some town tracks like Macau,Pau and Circuito da Boavista(i saw this circuit on RACE Series Movie Thread). OH,now i see that Ondrej likes also Cities Tracks(technique)! Hope really really hard for this kind of combination on a Monday afternoon! :rally:

Lee Downham

Oooh yeah ... a few "city sprints nights" would be ace using different cars (GT Club or Sport or mixed, WTCC87?? radicals, !!??) - something like 3 or 4 locations each running 6 or 8 laps per track (so an hour and half or two hours in total).
10 mins praccy, 8 mins superpole quali, no warmup and straight into racing. Varying the classes a bit ... eg a choice of cars perhaps, but each car can only be used once per evening.
For this you gotta include the many add-on street circuits like Detroit 88, Houston (07?), Monaco (88), Singapore GP ... and any others you can find kicking around.

A couple of other addon tracks that seem to get less "air time" than I think they deserve are Moirana and Jerez 88 ... Rouen is always a class place to drive too, along with the lovely Limerock Mountain . Thermalito (West?) was a good track too from memory (kinda street??). If Race On is to be used then some of the STCC tracks and the new US tracks and Okayama need using more often IMO.
Charade 06 I think was another we drove and I enjoyed immensely, Goldenport too brought fantastic racing (in the minis and I also hear the Escorts were fun there) ... Ledanon 08 I think is another great place and has big undulations and lots of sweeping corners ... Dijon I found a bit boring in the minis (it was a 2 hour race though) but would probably rock in something a bit quicker (like the GT Pro's or Formula Masters).

What about ideas like GT Pro v Formula Master (Race On required) ... add a weight penaly to the FM's to bring them back in touch with the GT's perhaps??
Single make events are great too - Gillets rarely get driven AFAIK, Sunreds and Gumperts are similarly seldom driven by most folks ... maybe one car versus another eg Mosler versus Spyker.

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
1. Start time:

For me, practise at 18:00/19:00GMT is best for me, as usually the race is over by about 9 or 10 my time, which is good as I have school in the morning :)

2. Weather

I really don't mind. I prefer dry but enjoy the races where it starts from dry and starts raining half way through or the other way round as the element of tactics is involved, rather than just the faster driver winning all the time. I also like full wet races too as they are a challenge.

3. Cars

I again don't mind. I am a specialist in FBMW cars but they don't seem to be a fan favourite around here unfortunately. I really like WTCC, GT cars (Sport and Club particularly), Radicals and Mini's some times. I also like some cool mods like F1, V8's and Porsche Supercup.

Also when I was a staff member (back in the day :D) I had some 2 or 3 class mix events which went down pretty well. Stuff like FBMW vs GT Club vs WTCC. These cars are of similar pace and each have different ways of driving. The slower guys went in the faster FBMW's and the quicker guys went in the WTCC cars and the medium guys went in the GT Club cars. It was very cool as I remember I got door to door with some aliens which made me feel awesome :)

Some other cool mixes:

GT Sport vs V8 Supercars
Old Camaro's vs New Camaros
GT Sport vs 320BHP Caterhams vs 190BHP Radicals
Gumpert Apollo standard vs WTCC

4. Track

There are soo many cool tracks for RACE that are never used which is such a shame, here's a list of my favourites:

Charade - WTCC Extremes or GT's
Varano - FBMW, Mini's or Camaros
Cadwell Park - WTCC, Mini's
AMS Test Track - GT, F1, Formula Masters
GP200 - WTCC, GT, FBMW, Mini
Mid-Ohio - GT, WTCC, FBMW
Goldenport - Mini, WTCC
Rattle Snake Point - WTCC, GT]
Sepang - F1 (Perfect combo)
Alastaro - WTCC, Mini, Muscle Cars
Trois Riveries - GT Sport
Moirana - WTCC, GT's
Norisring - DTM, Mini's, WTCC

Bye :)

Jarrod Keen

Eric, if you're talking about monday nights in the USA, I think that Eric Nelson has hit the nail on the head regarding the GT class. He's doing a great job of alternating between Sport and Pros and he also seems very thoughtful in his choice of tracks for the class. I wouldn't mind to have the mandatory pit stop thrown in and I always enjoy variable weather but I like it where it changes and keeps you guessing.... I like the strategy more than just the pain of driving in heavy rain. He moved our start time back to 9:45 which works perfect for me. This is the one event each week that I'm planning on attending.

Thanks for asking btw.... I know you care to get this stuff right and it shows. You've done a great job!
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