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Monday July 13th - RDVLN Serie - GT-Sport @ Nordschleife

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Neil Tennant

Apr 20, 2007
no, that sort of move happens far too often, admin or no admin / sorry or no sorry, stupid move.

João Andias

Sep 14, 2008
Yeah, I'm kinda losing the interest too... Too much Nords in such a short time...
Infidel! Burn, burn... :devil:
There isn't such thing as too much Nord! :angel2:

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles at race 2, when that happens I press 1 (if it isn't 1, it is near :D) and cycle through the mirror options. Btw, I don't use the mirrors (they are there... don't you worry), I fully look back... :wink2:

...A little movie i quick made. :)
Nice movie, "an image worth a 1000 words", a movie... thanks:good:

Btw, just one thing by looking at the movie I saw you keeping the 5th gear too much time in (power hill 2 times), not important in a sprint, but the C6 would go faster if you changed the gear a little earlier

Corvette is about 15 km/h faster than Mosler in the straights...
As you most likely know better than me, it depends on the setup, we just can't have it all... but yes, the C6 is among the quickest (if not the quickest) cars of the class going straight (but not by 15km/h :wink2:).
In short, what I'm trying to type is that if the Mosler went straight as the C6, the C6 likely would have no place in the class :D

Kennett Ylitalo

Oct 23, 2008
Nice movie Ivo:in-love: We changed places a few times in race 2, lots of fun.

1st Race. Nice start, a little hassle with the spins in front but nothing luckily happened to me. The caroussel took a bite at me, i hate that bug in this game which happens a bit too often in that turn. I entered a bit wobbly to the corner but didn't lose control and the result still was a-low-speed-flip-to-the roof..:th_sur: The car just went airborn from a slightest touch of front splitter to the inside tarmac. That dropped me from 9th to 18th. It took a toll on the aero too and the balance shifted oddly to tail-happy. :question: I had to change the camera and look back if i still had a wing in there.

2nd Race. Tried to take it easy on start and be cautious. Didn't help when there was a pile up ahead and people from the back pushed me against the barrier, almost flipped again. :struggle: Good bye balance, this time understeer and loss of straight line speed too. It shows on the Ivo's movie, almost 10km/h slower than practice. Confidence to the car was gone. Too bad, i enjoyed my setup and that car, was really suitable for my style. But we had a lots of good battles, until at the last lap and the last corners. Took a risk and tried that "usual" braking sequence from 6th gear to 2nd. Slightly touched the grass and slowly slided to the barriers. Forgot who it was that gained my position (Ivo or Yuri..) meters from the finish line as i tried to hammer power down with sparks flying from where the tire used to be.... Stupid move, i had a few seconds of lead but wanted to have some fun after a long track and car that had to be handled with silkgloves:) :beat-up:
Feb 27, 2009
Hey guys! i could not make it yesterday. i lost internet-connection. It happend quit often if your provider is UPC! I had no internet, no television and no telephone :(

Sjit happens...............hopefully next time better!!!
Jul 28, 2008
Hey guys! i could not make it yesterday. i lost internet-connection. It happend quit often if your provider is UPC! I had no internet, no television and no telephone :(
I have UPC also , no problems here...very happy with it.:laugh2:
Just the internet and digital TV.
Hope you have better luck next time.

Mtommi Tam

Feb 19, 2007
Fun race.
Race 2:

In lap2 i hit Mtommi when i spun, sorry for that.
Ivo Simons,is no problem,because is mistake,so,don't worry,
I know you are enjoy simracing :)
Remember,we are very fun run this race,i enjoy last night follow your car,and i ready challenge your car,but,you mistake,so,wait for next race close battle again :),

sor is me too late reply your post,because i just finish the work come back,

Hey,:worship:my english no good,some word i can not use on it,I hope you can ok my english :) thx


Czarleeese Baygio
Mar 18, 2007
Well, this was a quite horrible event for me :silly:
Race 1 went terrible, I struggled with the Corvette all the time and it was really exhausting. I didn´t find any good setup and the balance of the car was just terrible all the way. I ended up in 10th, after I bunched up 3 or 4 cars behind me in the opening lap.

Race 2, well had the start pile up and I was propably responsible for it :peep:
I guess I lost the car because of the huge wheelspin and propably a little nudge, but I haven´t checked on that one yet. Well, and when I found myself, facing like 10 cars coming at me, that's a pretty awful feeling.^^

Sorry for spoiling the race for some of you guys, I better stick with the Minis or something :bulgy-eyes:

Ivo Simons

Apr 15, 2009
Don't worry about it Tobias. Little tip for the wheelspin of the Vette in slow corners. Stay in 3 when you drive in a second gear corner. You have almost no wheelspin and you are still fast because of the power the Vette has with low RPM. :)
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