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F1 2020 Monaco Grand Prix

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)


Find below the best dry and wet F1 2020 setups for the Monaco Grand Prix.

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F1 2020 Tempate


Lap Time:

Race Mode:


Controller Type:

Front Wing Aero:
Rear Wing Aero:

Differential Adjustment On Throttle:
Differential Adjustment Off throttle:

Suspension Geometry
Front Camber:
Rear Camber:
Front Toe:
Rear Toe:

Font Suspension:
Rear Suspension:
Front Anti-Roll Bar:
Rear Anti-Roll Bar:
Front Ride Height:
Rear Ride Height:

Brake Pressure:
Front Brake Bias:

Front Right Tyre Pressure:
Front Left Tyre Pressure:
Rear Right Pressure:
Rear Left Tyre Pressure: