Momo mod 27 c on a tx!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by David B, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. David B

    David B

    Hi everyone, this is my Momo mod 27 c wheel.
    Momo mod 27 c.JPG

    I picked up this Momo mod 27 c and have attached it directly to the gte back base!

    The wheel comes undrilled, so I needed to make 3 holes to fit it to the plate.

    I then needed to trim some of the plastic of the gte plate as the wheel wouldn't sit flat on it.

    I also have extended the buttons, to make them easier to Press "+ I like the colour red:p"

    The Iphone as a dash "Sinspeed" is actually on the tx base, not the wheel.

    What I did here was got some carbon fibre perspex 2mm, a phone case and screwed it into place where this would go! [​IMG]

    I am very happy with the turnout of this project, apart from the paddles! "I am looking into getting some smaller lighter ones"

    The conclusion

    The wheel is extremely light! The wheel and button plate all come in at roughly 800 grams (very close to the plastic 458 wheel, you get with the tx and over 400 grams lighter than the gte wheel!

    The force feedback felt through it is nice:)


    I have to say a big thank you too Karl Robinson, who sold me the Momo wheel for a very good price!

    Any questions or comments appreciated.
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  2. UnclePetey79


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  3. AJ McDaddy

    AJ McDaddy

    HI, great mod! I have the Momo 27 (290mm version) and about to mod it as well. Can you tell me where you got the black rotary button / switch please?
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