Momentary Info Dashboard for PCARS2 // SimHub

Misc Momentary Info Dashboard for PCARS2 // SimHub 0.1b

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Soichiro Mizuno

Original poster
Sep 16, 2017
Soichiro Mizuno submitted a new resource:

Momentary Info Dashboard for PCARS2 // SimHub - simhub, pcars2, tyre, dashboard

This is my first attempt to create a simhub dashboard, and I featured "momentary tyre temperature-like" information with Project CARS 2. The parameter "Tire Temperature middle" shows some kind of behavior like "melting tyre surface", however, it's maybe not what it should be referenced for. (BTW, "inner-middle-outer" temperature params don't work correctly in this game)

Vehicle ride height and spring travel distance are also featured with visually enjoyable graphics. Just for fun.

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