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Mods affected by patch 1.08

Discussion in 'F1 2019 - The Game' started by Bruce Banner, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner

    Just giving you guys a heads up of how some mods are affected by the patch . Obviously livery mods have been absolutely mashed with it being a livery update . Some are reasonably easy to reimport with the export / import feature of ERP Archiver ( I was able to export the decal from SashaF1Game's Haas that has BLUEDEF on the back wing and reimport it into the updated Haas.erp pretty easily ) but some are not so easy to fix like the Toro Rosso . Helmet Mods seem to have been untouched this time . The Tyre Mod seems to have been affected for some reason though as common.erp was updated even though nothing new seemed to be visibly different from the Original tyres . Ive just reinstalled the older tyre mod ( common . erp ) and it seems to show fine in the showroom at least ( not tried it on track yet ) . I don't know why that file was updated though to be honest . StrongestFish's Handling and Performance Mods are pretty easy to reimport back in via his XML/vtf files in erp.archiver . I think it should be reasonably ok to do so because this was a visual update rather than a performance update . Any other mods I don't really know about but these are the ones I use .
  2. BMW racer

    BMW racer

    Thanks for the info mate!
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