Modifying Car Audio Effects

Hello, I have a converted mod from Rfactor, the F1RH2004.

The sound of it is horrible and I wanted to change for the sound of the cars of the category Reiza V10.

But for this I strongly believe that I would need to find the F_V10_sound.sfx file, but I can not find it.

Where can I find him? Is there any other way to make this modification?

PS: I already tried to substitute the name of the sound files of RH2004 for the Formula V10. Until it works, but it is extremely laborious .... :)


use other sound files by use a sfx file see how to do it in rfactor it is the same thing in ams game a sfx file u can open in note pad it is not a sound file it have only a file where tha game have the soundfiles it the sfx file link to a folder that not exist or a folder that exist but have wrong filename a sound is silence it is not so hard to edit to have all kinds of sound in a folder and test BUT you must have all the soundfiles installed to make it happend as u wish it takes some hours to understand and many times testing how it works and suddenly it works great and then u now how to do it

Hello, thanks! So, I guess I've tried to do this but nothing happens. But I'll try again, sometimes I did not do it right

I love some of the RH2004 sounds. The BMW is the closest I've ever heard to the real life model.

Do you really think? I find it very strange. I think the F1RH 2004 F1 Challenge sounds much better. Rfactor and Automobilista Do not Look Real
They're slightly distorted, so the incar sounds can be a little off, but I think the trackside cam sounds are phenomenal. Here's a comparison I made a while back.

But hey, the best part about AMS is customizing it to your taste
That's weird! In this video you have shown the sound is too beautiful, but here they seem so out of tune. I'm going to test the sound of Williams to make sure ...

Here is not that sound no. It's far from it. What I have here sounds like mosquitoes in the ear

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I just dawned on me that you're right, I changed the sounds in that mod. I replaced the 04 mod sounds with sound from the F1 2000 mod. If you have that mod, it's a pretty easy switch, if not I can link you to it.
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Alright, so the mod can be found here (or other places, just search F1 2000 RVR)
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It's an rfactor mod, but you can install it here, plus you really only need the sounds.

Then I went in to each .veh file for the 2004 cars. And changed the sound line to pull from the 2000 mod. I tried to match the teams with the correct engines. For example, BAR:

GenString= // Used to generate MTS names in *.gen file
Sounds=F1_2000_RVR\2000\Teams\BAR\f1rvr2000_honda.sfx <<<<<<THIS LINE
HeadPhysics=headphysics.ini // Affects driver eyepoint only

Here are the sound lines for all teams. Once you have the 2000 sound folder places in the gamedata sound folder, you can use these in the 2004 team .veh files.

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