Modify the co-driver call outs?

Would it be possible to record my voice, or a friends voice and then replace the current game files?
I´d love to have swedish pace notes in the game!

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I think it's not possible, but that's a good idea. In the past, I used a mod on Richard Burns Rally with real codriver voice, it made every stage I drove so amazing immersive and realistic!
Well, inside the "soundbanks" - "enUS" folder, there are a co driver bnk-file. In that contains a set of .wem-files. That is as far as I have got... :(
And now the .wem-files are converted to .ogg-files.
Playable i Media player classic (among other programs).
So now I can here all the call outs.
The next step should be to inject some new .ogg files I guess, and then convert it back to .wem.
The last step should then be to rebuild the archive containing the .bnk, if even possible?

Am one allowed to perform these kind of tasks, or is it a no no, and can it lead to banning from the game?
In that case I stop trying this very moment!


Now this is interesting.

I guess that there are not that many who's ever got that far before with CM games, so no-one really knows whether modding those files could lead to banishment or not. I highly doubt it but what do I know? I know that using Hardcore damage mod by TemplarGFX restrict you from getting into online competitions (and that's very understandable) but that's about it.

Are you really able to convert the actual pacenote files from \tracks\locations... to .ogg or just the one in \audio\soundbanks\enUS\ ? Do you use Wwise or ww2ogg? Obviously the one in \Audio isn't that interesting - containing only the damage and "the split time" samples - but the ones in tracks folders would be far more useful, yet for some reason ww2ogg couldn't convert those files for me.

Wwise may very well be the only way to repack the edited files back to .bnk. All in all, I can't help but think that with the current system it's almost impossible to envisage any "official" modding support for co-driver content.

EDIT. OK, I now managed to open the real pacenote files too. Bit of a pain to fix the files one by one but maybe it was worth it just to get an idea how the pacenotes have been put together.
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If DR was supporting modding this would be a piece of cake to do but unfortunately Codies does not support modding.

I can only hope that Codies change their minds about modding support.

Palo Samo

I made a polish co-driver for RBR using wonderful Pacenote Plugin from WorkerBee. In DR i went as far as to try and import the modified (wav) and converted back to wem file into the soundbank but even when the program says it was done successfully, there are no changes whatsoever. I guess Codies nailed it this time, or maybe it is just a matter of time...
...and the time has finally come. I managed to import my own samples into the game and I asked Paul Coleman if that kind of modding would bring a ban onto the creator. He said "no" :thumbsup:
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