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GTR2 Modify Default Setup?

I was wondering if i could edit the default setup on cars, I'd like to change the steering lock to 10 degrees because i have a very sensitive wheel. And it gets tiring trying to set it up every single time
Why not try to change you sensitivity of your wheel.

If you change every "default" setup
Within the hdc file

You might end up with Ai cars that are crashing at some bends/corners.
Look in the original/vanilla f550
It contains files like barcelona.svm
Monza.svm and Spa.svm

If you open all of them and take a look what simbim changed in those setup files.
Most of the times its steering lock,
Springrates / downforce levels and sometimes the gearing.

If there is no track related svm file
Or with the propper name it would fall back on the default setup within your hdc file.
And it might work for you to have a low steering lock. 7 out of 10 times it wont work for Ai cars.
With a very low steering lock they wont turn as good in la source hairpin as a example hitting the inside wall or dont make the corner at all And if they get damage Ai are getting very slow.

What you can do is make 1 setup for you car and mark it as favorite
Then every time you load up that car on spa or other tracks you start with that setup
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