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Modern Red Bull & Alpha Tauri Helmets | spood

Helmets Modern Red Bull & Alpha Tauri Helmets | spood 1.2

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renjiro2020 submitted a new resource:

Modern Red Bull & Alpha Tauri Helmets | spood - Red Bull and AlphaTauri helmets

Modern RB & AT Helmets
includes Copy and Paste

Note :
- Everything in this mod is created by me unless specified otherwise.
- Text document that includes fool-proof installation instructions is provided in the mod.
- You are NOT allowed to edit my helmets and reupload them/claim them as yours.
- Report problems or suggestions in the 'ask a...

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You could make 3 helmets 1 for Carlin from F2 with the flag of Spain and logos. Of Red Bull and that predominate the colors orange AND blue And another with the same predominant colors and the flag of Spain. But. For AlphaTauri and 1/3. With the same the flag of Spain And the colors orange and blue. Because I need it for my YouTube channel, I do a series of my pilot. And it is. I'm, I'm going to do it with those 3 teams. And I would be very interested if you would do it to me because I do not know how to make helmets with the Photo Shop. So I would ask you. If you can do it to me please, if you want, I promoted you in the video or I mention you. If you do, please post it on racedepartament. And post it as if it were. A. Spanish helmet for F 1 2021. Put it with that name. or give me for my gmail that is manuelcuervoperez@gmail.com
if i want it to be akkermans helmet do i have to also paste 2021 akkermans helmet file in the f1 file folder because i already have a custom helmet for aiden jackson