Modeler Export / Maya / ActorX / ASE Format Issues



I'm experiencing some problems when exporting to the ASE format from Maya into Modeler. Here's a picture of a poly sphere exported with ActorX plugin ( from Maya.

How should I prepare my Maya mesh to get perfect results ?
Any trick ?

Once the Maya ASE mesh is imported in Modeler, I got a warning :

"Unsupported Multisub Material Found in ASE file. Multisub will be flattened."

Thus, I only assigned a "test" blinn shader to it, some help is appreciated. Modifying manually the ASE file to get no warning is one way of resolving it...

Maya 2008 + ActorX plugin
XP 32 bit
Racer 0.8.10 + Tools



The best way to get your Maya models in Racer is :

- keep all your meshes as it in your root scene (hundreds of pieces)
- create a max. of 32 mats inside Maya (Ruud limitations) => split UV's as Racer wants it => windows, brake lights, body (for liveries) maps etc...
- clean history / freeze all
- export to fbx (depends on your 3DS Max version supporting different FBX exporters/importers)
- import fbx & export to ASE from Max as it
- open & optimize model in Modeler (optimize function)
- export to DOF
- enjoy a clean smoothed mesh

My mistake was to combine all meshes prior to export so hope it helps the new users...
I'm happy, there's a big chance from seeing soon real cool cars, anyone who is willing to help in making the correct chassis settings (engine, suspension, crv files, etc...) is welcomed !! :)

P.S.: Forget about the ActorX plugin...Anyway if anyone knows a quicker way exporting directly from Maya 2008 & up, please let me know.

Mr Whippy

I've had a problem with the multi-sub warning, even when there were no multi-sub materials on the object... meaning I then had to go edit the material name manually to get the right material on there (I have no idea why it was picking up the first slot material in my material editor in 3DS Max which wasn't applied to the exported object)

I think this is broken for the latest release, since the older versions don't do that from memory (ie, exporting a single item with a single material all over it from a scene with many materials/objects in it)




No, I had this too, the problem is when you split the object up per material it still has the multi-sub applied, you need to apply the seperate materials to each manually.



+1, you're right ! :)


Strange, when I first tried Modeler, I just exported a simple poly box with a submaterial & then assigning to the faces 2 mats, everything works like excepted, you need to set your ID's too..

No modeler submaterial warning...

Mr Whippy

I'm just doing a single non-sub material to ONE box, and it gives the multisub error.

The ASE contains data about all objects and materials in the scene, even though you export ONE object which uses ONE material (non-sub)

I'll do some testing tonight but I'm sure it's an error as I've never ever had it before until now.

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