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Discussion in 'Racer' started by tienzyee, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. tienzyee


    Hi, I wanted to put a model of a truck onto the track,

    it's a .3ds file and having successfully converted it onto dof from ase, the model is super big (like half the size of the track)

    the question is, for me to resize the model, do i have to do it on the tracked program and how?

    I tried resizing on 3d max but the same problem occurs

    please advise
  2. Tiberius


    Hi. Import your DOF model into modeler.exe (usually in Racer's main folder). You can scale it there using the scale button, just enter a scale for X Y and Z, (1.0 is present size so a scale of 0.5 will half its size etc). You can also move objects around there, same idea but using the 'translate' button.

    Hope this helps.
  3. dangar


    Hi tienzyee,

    I use Zmodeler (version 1.x) for importing/modding/create tracks and cars because it can export DOF files, and, besides the size of meshes in the model, there are a lot of thing to adjust (textures, moving parts, LOD, shading, etc.).

    Basically, I use any kind of external 3D app (most part of times, 3DSMax) to produce a 3DS mesh, import into Zmodeler and start working on it.

    Other way to import/convert meshes from other programs is 3DsimEd (recommended!)
    It can handle models from rFactor, GTR, GRT2, F1 Challenge, etc...
    You can visualize, separate parts, analyze textures, and even take a walk on the track to see if you like it.

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