Model problem? Render track?

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  1. Kura



    How to get the effect, such as the drzwach marked in green?

    I'd like to get in his route as a result of the Lienz struggled in different ways until finally I fell that the fault model. Import model ZMD lienz to do cauculate and trees are ugly just like me.


    I have marked on screen effect is obtained in red and green that I would like. Is there any possibility to get the effect of an option in the ZMD ZMD maybe 2? I really depend on that. Sparkling trees look ugly.

    Surely this is not the shader since it was the same in the trees' green and red "

    Racer Version 0.8.38

    Thanks in advance for your help
  2. Stereo


    If you use the xtree shader on trees that are made of several intersecting planes, it should look like the better ones.
    The full shader name is,

    The shader ignores the normals of the object, which is what cause the problem.