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    Hi there.
    I want to make mods for F1 2010 in order to play with friends, add our teams and ourselves on the game and other stuff like this, anyway i've a problem:
    I'm trying to change Teams Name and Drivers Name, with EGO Lenguage Editor i edit HRT and Chandhuk ez but, i'm still Indian like Chandhuk, in the database.bin i've changed the nationality of Chandhuk sets my national id but in game i'm still indian.
    I don't know how i can change that, any ideas?
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    u canot rename the files u have to take into assetto corsa car tuner ;) i dnt know much but i had same issu was trying to rename cars n them not working then i just put car in hear edit name on the left then save thairs a tut on yt ,, hear
    im just a dumb ass still pissing about but hear man i hate it when people dnt help i made an account just to reply ha :) if u wish to join me on my mad adventures hmu hear @ A.C.D.T