Modding question about Pitmenu damage settings

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Frank Lehmann, Jun 20, 2012.

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    Frank Lehmann
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    Hi there. I'm working on a mod for our league and i'm having a problem with the pitmenu options referring to damage repair.

    If i start a race event or training session offline, i can define the repair settings of the aero damage in pitmenu. Also in car it works like it should.
    But if i join our league server in multiplayer online, these aero damage repair settings are greyed out and not selectable. Same mod, same car, same track.
    So if i lose my splitter or rear wing in a league race, i can't convince my pit crew to repair the damage.

    Here are some screenshots. Sorry for the german language.


    "Vord. Aeroschaden" => Front aero damage
    "Hint. Aeroschaden" => Rear aero damage
    "Nicht repar." => Don't fix

    Pitmenu in garage:

    Pitmenu in car:

    Pitmenu in garage:

    Pitmenu in car:

    Additional info: The mod is using an unedited and default damage-file (*.DMG) from Simbin.

    I don't know which parameter in which physics file i have to change (or add) to fix this issue. I hope someone can help me.